A Call for Conscious Evolution

The soul—the “essence” of who you are as an individual, group or organization—is the most important aspect of your experience within the human condition. No one thinks life is easy and it is our experience of all life events—physical, emotional, social, interpersonal, intellectual/occupational, financial, spiritual, and environmental that creates our unique sense of being human. It is also our perceptions and experience of these events that often leave us feeling misaligned or unable to move forward.

As a psychologist, author, speaker, coach and organizational enhancement consultant, my mission is to elevate your consciousness to the point of experiencing optimal living. My work emphasizes the unity of all aspects of the human condition since these vital facets of ourselves cannot be separated. My trademarked Soul Health Model influences all of the work I do. This model serves as the blueprint to both healing and evolution and offers you the opportunity to design your life or workplace to reach what I call “radiant health”—your optimal level of effectiveness in everyday life.

Your soul development—exploring and expanding who you are at the core of the individual, group or organization—is an investment and requires your commitment to evolve beyond previous ways. Because I believe very strongly in creating a collaborative working partnership, we will explore all aspects of “whole health” in your healing and evolutionary process to help you create your most radiant life.

We will work together toward developing your sense of conscious evolution—a moment-to-moment awareness of the meaning of events that lead to an evolved way of living, working and being. Whether you embark in a psychotherapy or soul-healing experience, participate in a class, workshop, or seminar, or engage in the process of organizational enhancement, my commitment to you is to assist in creating your most optimal healing path.

I welcome the opportunity to guide you, your group or organization on your healing journey and help you reach your highest state of conscious evolution. It’s time to align and enhance your experience of the human condition!

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Soul Health

Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living