A Call for Conscious Evolution

Who doesn’t struggle with the Human Condition? Of course, the answer to this question is no one. It is our experience of all life events—physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, and environmental that creates our unique sense of being human. But it is also our perceptions and experience of these events that often leaves us feeling confused, mired, and “stuck” in our “humanness” and unable to move forward on our own.

As a therapist, author, speaker, and transformational travel leader, my mission is to elevate your consciousness to the point of experiencing radiant and optimal health—both inside and out. My work emphasizes the unity of mind, body, and spirit since these vital facets of ourselves cannot be separated. This unity serves to heighten your awareness and illuminate your path toward your optimal level of living. My Soul Health Model influences all of the work I do. This model serves as the blueprint to both your healing and evolution and offers you the opportunity to design your life to achieve your most radiant health. I use many integrative methods to help you reach your highest level of consciousness, healing, and most importantly, your personal evolution.

Your soul development is an investment in your overall well-being and requires your commitment to evolve. Because I believe very strongly in creating a collaborative working partnership, we will work together toward developing your sense of conscious evolution—a moment-to-moment awareness of the meaning of events in your life that lead to an evolved way of living. Whether you embark in a psychotherapy experience, participate in a class, workshop, or seminar, or join me on a Soul Health Journey, my commitment to you is to lead you home—to yourself and to your optimal life.

I welcome the opportunity to guide you on your soul’s path and help you reach your highest state of conscious evolution. It’s time to align your life with a whole new you and create the life you were meant to enjoy!

In shared light,

Soul Health