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NOTE:  I will be participating in a spiritual journey from June 6th to 19th and will be unavailable for sessions. You are welcome to purchase and pre-schedule a session after mid-June.

Most of us are so busy navigating the human condition that we forget we were a soul first.  Your soul—the essence of who you are—has often traveled through many lifetimes to make you who you are today. Both our trials and tribulations result from the karmic trail we’ve blazed, and by finding out more about your soul’s journey, you can better understand, heal, and thrive in this life now.

The Akashic Record is the energetic “log” of your soul’s journey, from the time your soul originated from source until the time when you will eventually return home. Your “stops” along the journey—your lifetimes—provide endless opportunities to learn and “perfect” your soul as you evolve beyond your daily challenges. Whether you are a young or ancient soul, the Akashic Record holds the energetic imprint of your thoughts, feelings, memories, actions, and deeds experienced in each lifetime. This accumulation of energy creates the lessons and experiences necessary in each successive lifetime that assist in our evolution.

An Akashic Record Reading can assist you in your soul healing journey in several ways. It will help you to:

  • Identify your soul’s core traits that contribute to your human personality,
  • Better understand your pattern of interactions with others,
  • Explain troublesome or challenging circumstances,
  • Recognize any blocks to achieving your goals and highest potential,
  • Express your Divine nature to create more life satisfaction and fulfilment, and
  • Find your soul purpose and life path.

Dr. Kelly is a Certified Soul-Realignment Practitioner, which allows her to complete Akashic Record Reading sessions. Her advanced training allows her to “read” the imprint of your soul to help you identify both your gifts to be utilized and enhanced in this lifetime and any blocks to your soul’s truth that prevent you from reaching your highest potential. Readings are generally one to two hours in length, depending on the type of session you choose. You may wish to receive readings pertaining to several areas of your life, in which case you can choose a “package” listed below.  Dr. Kelly’s sessions often include a combination of information accessed through the Akashic Records, intuitive counseling and “soul” coaching depending on the nature of the information sought. All information is shared in light of what is in the best interest of a client’s evolutionary path.


Watch the following video to learn more about Akashic Record Readings:


Instructions for Scheduling an Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Readings can be scheduled for phone or Zoom appointments. Dr. Kelly’s office is located on the east coast of the United States (Eastern Standard Time). If you live in another time zone or country, please specify this when you make an appointment to assure proper scheduling. Also, please specify if you are seeking a one- or two- hour session, or are planning to schedule multiple sessions.

(Gift Certificates are also available if you would like to share this experience with a loved one.)

If you have questions regarding an Akashic Record session, you may call 336-659-3923 (ext. 1#) or send and email message to kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com.  ***PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM folder if you do not receive a response.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kelly, please take the following steps:

  1. Make payment for your desired session. Proof of payment will be automatically delivered to Dr. Kelly. (**Please note: Once purchased, refunds are not provided for cancelled or “no-showed” appointments.)
  2. Either call 336-659-3923, Ext. 1# to leave a message for Dr. Kelly or send an email message to kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com noting that you have purchased a session. Please provide full name at birth, current name, and date of birth along with your phone number so Dr. Kelly can contact you to regarding the questions you would like to have answered during your reading. (*** Please note, if you live outside of the United States, Dr. Kelly will respond via email.)
  3. IMPORTANT!  Please check the SPAM file in your email system to make sure a response is not waiting there instead of your INBOX.
  4. Dr. Kelly generally answers calls/email messages within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not receive an email response, please check your SPAM file again as some email messages are delayed due to security programs you may have installed on your computer.
  5. Appointments are usually available within 2-4 weeks of payment.
PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased, all fees are non-refundable. Also, if you miss you miss an appointment without a 24 hour cancelation notice, the appointment will not be rescheduled.
Please choose from the options below before making an appointment.


General Akashic Record Session (One hour)

Your one-hour general reading will provide you with the much of the information listed above. Just as each individual is unique, each General Akashic Record session varies as well. Because each of us are on different life paths, our energy is often directed toward receiving certain types of information when we need it most. General sessions often provide detailed information that will help you to “connect the dots” between confusing life events, your relationships, and other previously unexplained situations in your life. These sessions often set the stage for further inquiry, which can deepen your understanding of your soul’s journey.


Please Note: It is required that you schedule a general session before requesting a specialized session to build a firm understanding of the information you receive. If you would like to schedule a General Akashic Record Reading AND a specialized reading at the same time (2 hour session), please choose that option. If scheduling a two-hour session, please specify which specialized reading you would like when you make your appointment.  Once purchased, sessions cannot be transferred to another person.



Specialized Sessions:


The Life Situation Session (One hour)

You may have a specific situation that you would like to explore from the soul level to better understand your experience as well as what you are supposed to learn from it. In this type of session, it is important to state your concern or intention at the time that you schedule the appointment so that this is the main focus when I access the Akashic Record. Because we all create our own realities, it is important to remain open to the information you receive. We only receive the information that we can absorb at any given time. Although you may want to know how something is going to end, you may only receive information about how to handle the situation without attaching to a particular outcome. Some situations need to unfold as you evolve, and you cannot “fast forward” through your growth. This is typically a one-hour session.

The Life Lesson Session  (One hour)

Imagine being “assigned” a tapestry at the time of birth. Ideally as you travel through your lifetime, you will weave and reweave the tapestry from start to finish according to life events and what you are here to learn. Many people have “life lessons”, or chords per se, that seem to challenge us throughout our life. In order for us to evolve, we must consciously acknowledge the patterns of our challenges and make attempts to grow beyond them. This requires us to do something different to create a new outcome. The Life Lesson session helps you to more clearly identify core life lessons that need to be mastered in order for you to move on and reach your highest potential—not to mention find more peace in life.

The “Soul-to-Soul”/Relationship Sessions (One hour)

We learn and grow the most from our experiences with others. For that reason, many people want to understand their relationship from a soul level so that we can better navigate the human condition. Perhaps you struggle with a romantic relationship, parent/child interactions, sibling rivalries, interchanges with business partners, or even connections with close friends. The goal of a Relationship Session is to illuminate the challenges from a soul perspective so that the dynamic can be exposed, managed, and even resolved. This session will help you to identify and remove any blocks and restrictions between you and another soul so that you can create a more effective relationship.

The Past-Life Reading Session (One hour)

Past-Life events can play a major part in how we cope in this one. Whether it be residual issues from relationships, health concerns, trauma or other things that complicate our lives, a past-life reading can help you understand and release any unwanted blockages from the past. In your Past-Life Reading, you will learn how to both unlock and unblock any obstacles that keep you from moving forward.

The Spirit Guide Session (One hour)

All of us have a “team” of energetic beings who guide and assist us throughout each lifetime. These energies are called “Spirit Guides”.  The number of guides we can draw upon is limited only by the amount of assistance we seek. By identifying and learning to work with our guides, we can more effectively navigate life’s challenges and create a more radiant and fulfilling life. The Spirit Guide Session focuses on identifying and connecting you with your guides and teaches you how to access and use the information from this time forward.




“My Akashic Record reading with Dr. Kelly allowed me to resolve very long held issues that were impossible to figure out on a conscious level.  This has contributed to a significant energetic release so that I can move forward with my life’s purpose.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly both because of her in-depth and intuitive knowledge and her ability to touch that part of you that needs to heal.  Not only did this help significantly in my life but it was extremely enjoyable!”

~~Cheryl Rubin, MSW, LCSW


“After becoming a mom and leaving my teaching career, I felt directionless and spent a lot of time wondering about my life purpose. The Akashic Record reading with Dr. Kelly gave me a tremendous sense of relief. The information gave me clarity and a better understanding of my truth and my relationships with others. This understanding of my challenges and who I am has allowed me to release the doubt and worry I was feeling about my future, and ease the continuous searching for what I felt I “should” be doing. I am now able to experience more joy in my life and accept myself just as I am. I can usually let go and feel excitement for my NOW! Dr. Kelly is warm, confident, and knowledgeable. I very much would like to deepen this understanding of my soul through further readings with her.”  

~~Betsy Moyer


“Dr. Kelly’s Akashic record reading was one of the most remarkable experiences. The reading has shown that the most powerful form of soul-level healing occurs at a dimension outside the ordinary realm of human perception. But just because this realm is not easily accessible does not mean it does not exist. Dr. Kelly unlocked that compendium of all universal events, thoughts, words, and emotions throughout time which comprise my soul and its journey. I learned about the makeup of my soul and obtained life-changing explanations of my soul’s path to ameliorate the pain of conditional love. I have a much better understanding of why my life unfolded as it did and the things I am still supposed to learn.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~~ LJL, Attorney


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