There is a science and art to everything – including soul-based living. If we chose to live our lives aligned with what the essence of who we are really wants, needs, and requires, we would cease to struggle with the human condition. We wouldn’t overeat (over drink, drug, or other addiction or vice), we wouldn’t accept mistreatment from others, and we wouldn’t stay in over-demanding jobs, unhealthy relationships, unsuitable locations or other circumstances that didn’t serve us. Intellectually, we know what behaviors would best align our lives – the “science” of the human condition. But to live an optimal and fully radiant life, it is the “art” of soul-based living that is a necessity.

Take for instance, the choices we make with food. I have specialized in working with people who struggle with emotional eating for over two decades. Billions of dollars are spent each year teaching the public about the latest scientific information that would lead to weight loss and overall health. The science of maintaining a healthy weight is fairly cut and dried, but if the obesity epidemic was about this aspect of the condition, we wouldn’t be one of the heaviest populations on the planet.

Who would have thought that the one of the wealthiest, most influential and soul-promoting women in the world would struggle with soul-based living related to food? During the last interview that Barbara Walters did with Oprah Winfrey, she asked the billionaire what her biggest unanswered question was at that point, thinking it would be something about world peace or another global issue. Without hesitation, Oprah said “the weight”. The host just about fell out of her chair when Oprah said this, thinking the answer would have been much “larger”. I thought to myself that I’d be more than happy to share why Oprah still struggled with food – It was clear to me that because of her overwhelming and inevitably misaligned schedule, she couldn’t master the art of soul-based living. No amount of money will buy you a ticket down “alignment lane”.

The “art” of living is all about the soul. It relates to our willingness to stop and listen to the voice within that unfailingly leads us down the path of radiant or optimal living – if we give it the chance. I face this challenge every day, and quite frankly haven’t been particularly successful over the last several months. As you know, I’ve been super busy with publishing another book, launching my essential oils business, purchasing and moving into my new office space, and making some major home improvements. In all of this busyness, I haven’t been as tuned into my own soul as I’d like, and thus haven’t eaten as healthy as I usually do. My exercise was derailed several times by tasks that had to be completed before and during the move, and now I’m working on realigning my life – and schedule – to reclaim my previous healthy habits. I overcame one big soul-based hurdle just a few minutes ago.

As I finished eating my dinner prior to sitting down to write this newsletter, I was faced with one of those challenges that could have easily knocked me off-track. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and knew I had a couple of small brownies sitting on my counter. I grabbed the container and headed into the living room, at first thinking that I would consume both of them since they were rather small (1.5 inch squares). As I opened the container, I heard the voice within say, “just eat one”. I ate the first one, then tuned into my soul—the essence of who I am. Indeed, it said “Close the container, you will regret eating the second one.” So, I finished the first brownie, closed the container as directed, and brought it back into the kitchen. My soul spoke clearly and I was able to listen. The acts of both hearing my soul’s message and following through to only eat one treat allowed me to practice the art of soul-based living.

We all know what choices are healthy for us, but it the act of listening to our soul that allows us to overcome the challenges and temptations of the human condition. When we tune into that inner voice, we always receive the answer we need in order to live our most optimal life. The problem is, few people choose to hear their inner wisdom.

What will it take to practice the art of soul-based living in your life? What would help you hear that inner voice that speaks only ultimate wisdom? How can you use your inner ally to instruct you in each moment? Most importantly, are you willing to listen?

Ann Landers, the iconic advice columnist once said, “The real trick is to stay alive as long as you live.” I’m not sure of the context in which these words were spoken, but to me this statement relates to the art of soul-based living.

Are you living, or simply existing? Aligning with – and listening to – the voice of your soul ensures that you will lead a radiant and fulfilling life. Each moment offers the opportunity to color your world in the most vibrant and incredible way possible, which transcends the science of the human condition and helps you embrace the art of soul-based living. This is ultimate health – it is soul health.