Dr. Kelly has been an invited guest on over 90 national radio shows since the release of Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living in 2013 and Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-Care in 2019. Click on the links below to listen to a sample of these interviews:


July 15, 2019

Once a Nurse Always a Nurse: Exploring the World of Nursing

Soul Health: What Nurses need to know!


May 13, 2019

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age with Roy Richards.

Your Recipe for Real Life/Work Balance


May 5, 2019

HealthyLife.net Radio Presents: Sharkie’s Pep Talk

Dr. Katherine Kelly – Recipe for Radiance


April 2018

Mainstream Mental Health with Dr. John Huber

Bill Cosby Found Guilty – How Sexual Assault Affects Your Health


October 2017

Mainstream Mental Health with Dr. John Huber

Harvey Weinstein & The Psychological Trauma of Sexual Assault


September 2017

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age with Roy Richards

Your Soul’s Central Role in Health and How to Grow Older Faster


January 2016

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show

The “Re-creation” of Recreation: The Many Benefits of Transformational Travel


July 11, 2015

The Been There Done That Show with Marsha Stafford

Soul Health Travel, a “transformational travel” company


June 16, 2015

I am Healthy Radio with Dr. James

Soul Health Travel – Explore Exotic Locations


June 5, 2015

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins

How To Heal The Soul From Hurt, Pain &Trauma-Unique Techniques That Work!


October 14, 2014

Balanced Living Online Expo with Rose Hawley

Dr. Katherine T. Kelly’s New Book and How to Live a Radiant Life


February 24, 2014

America Meditating Radio Program with Sister Jenna

Soul Health for Radiant Living with Dr. Katherine T. Kelly

Soul Health