Given the previous two blog entries about my trips to Peru, you can see that my adventures go far beyond the physical.  I didn’t know this would happen until I went the first time, but now I expect a widening of experience and a deepening of connection, both with myself and the land.


After I returned from my second trip in 2011, I began talking more with a close friend about her own interests in visiting Machu Picchu.  As it turned out, she began remembering brief glimpses of scenery that she had never seen in published pictures, but ones that I had captured during my first trip there.  She described certain scenes and I produced images that matched what she had seen during meditations and energy sessions.  As we talked, we came to realize that our connection went beyond our friendship in this lifetime and dated back to my memories of having been a priestess several centuries prior.  Her own memories included images of being an Incan warrior, which explained her strong need to protect me in this lifetime.  When we first met in 2005, we had no idea that any of this would unfold.

We decided to plan a trip for 2013, but various things stopped our journey.  Because we both have a great deal of trust in the Universe, we knew it just wasn’t the right time.  However, once summer of 2014 rolled around, we knew we needed to make our move.  Everything went smoothly in planning, which affirmed our aspirations to go, but we also realized that, once again, this was more than a simple adventure.

15Throughout the summer, we talked and pondered what might take place and what we were going there to do.  My friend is a energy healer and through a couple sessions, several in-depth conversations, and a few meditations of my own, I started gaining clarity that we were to return to Machu Picchu to finish what we had started so many years ago.  We were there to help the mass consciousness make the shift from fear-based living into one of a more enriched and desirable love consciousness.

Anyone who has kept up with spiritual literature understands that there is a major shift going on in our world—one that is far overdue, and one that is very much needed in order to restore our planet to a more cohesive and amiable way of living.  You see, hundreds of years ago, a shift occurred that instilled fear as the main element of human life—causing discord, disconnection, wars, and hatred of all sorts.  That was the point in time when true love—unconditional, nonjudgmental love—became a thing of the past.  But despite what one might say by watching the news, the shift is occurring and many people are being called to re-instill loving consciousness in their own ways to create a collective “oneness” once again.

Although we knew this was our mission, we had little idea what we were supposed to do.  We had both collected some prayers and rituals common to the Peruvian culture, but until we visited Machu Picchu, we were unsure how the ceremony would transpire.


When we arrived in the Crystal City, I realized that the ruins were partitioned off differently than two years prior.  Apparently, due to unruly tourists, the paths previously taken had now been re-organized to guide visitors through the ruins and sacred temples in such a way that you must follow a designated path instead of roaming freely.  We walked through all of the ruins of Machu Picchu, stopping at the Guard House, Inti Watana (sacred pyramid), the Condor Temple, the Royal Residence, the single tree in the plaza, the Artisan’s Wall and all other sacred temples throughout this amazing ancient city.

Although the guided paths didn’t keep us from visiting the parts of the ruins that we felt we must, it did create a bit of a maze-like journey to our main destination, the Sun Temple.  Once at this temple, we paused as we faced the tomb held within.  This moment proved to be the key to opening our awareness for what we needed to do the next day, but also served as confirmation that we were there for the right reasons.  As I stood facing the tomb, I became overwhelmed with emotion and started crying.  My friend came and stood to my right and placed her hand on my shoulder.  Soon after this, I glanced up toward the wall of the entrance to the tomb and saw our confirmation—a giant heart-shaped stone embedded in the wall, just above three steps that had been carved as part of the incredible structure.  46 I gasped and pointed to what I saw, and she too, was stricken with the awareness that we were in the right place—and apparently at the right time to complete our mission.  In my previous two trips to this sacred city I had stood exactly in that same spot but never noticed the heart-shaped stone.  However, on this third trip, it was clear that I was supposed to come face to face with that essential feature of the Incan artistry to solidify our mission.  (The three steps located just below the tip of the heart represent the underworld, the present world, and the upper world—the ascension process.  And because the tip of the heart meets the tip of the top stair, we realized it represented the ascension back to love.  Our mission was both blessed and confirmed.)


Once we were able to compose ourselves, the clarity came for what we were there to do.  We spent about 20 minutes laying out the plans for arriving at dawn the next day, calling the mountain spirits (the Apus, as the Incans called them), saying some Peruvian and Incan blessings, then moving near the tree in the plaza to complete our call to the Universe to re-instill the love consciousness.

We awoke the next morning and did just as we planned.  The interesting part was that no one questioned what we were doing and no one interrupted our ceremony.   Although we had onlookers, it felt completely natural to do our work as if it were a daily task that had always been done.

56 At one point during the ceremony,  we were both overcome at the magnificence of the view above the Sacred Valley.  The clouds were extraordinarily beautiful and the sun broke through at just the right time and created a heart as the light bathed the crystal city.  Because we were in the middle of the ceremony we didn’t stop to take pictures.  But once we had completed our task, we were once again blessed with flowing images of clouds, mist, and sunlight and at that time we were able to snap a few pictures.

Our job that day was complete, but our work never ends.  I know others around the world who have been called to summon the love energy as well, both in the Andes and in many other corners of our planet.  I know we were blessed to be called to do our work that day, but I feel more blessed that I am one of many who are working together to bring our consciousness back to where it belongs—reinstating  the love energies so that our souls can grow and evolve.

Once again, I’m called to return to Peru.  But this time I am called to lead others “home”.  In creating and planning the Awakened, Alive, and Awestruck in the Andes Soul Health Journey, (see   https://www.drkatherinetkelly.com/peru2015.html ), I worked with Jorge Luis Delgado, the shaman I traveled with on my first two trips, to combine the best of both journeys into one trip.  As the itinerary was set, I began to understand that this was not simply a trip, it was once again something bigger.   While I once led an ancient population away from the Crystal City for safety as the country was being invaded by the Spaniards, I will now lead people back home to experience their own awakening.

I am honored to be a part of others’ journey to this home away from home.  Magic and awe guaranteed.