When you lose all sense of self, the bond of a thousand chains will vanish.
Lose yourself completely, return to the root of the root of your own soul.
~~ Rumi

“Being” may seem like an inactive activity, but it is absolutely an essential part of our evolution. We must learn to “be” in-order-to become who we were intended to be.

I’ve said for years that the soul will be our salvation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “If only I had listened to what my gut told me…”, only to regret going against their inner wisdom to find themselves misaligned in one way or another. To become our true, authentic, and aligned self, we must learn to “be”—be quiet enough to hear, be attentive enough to listen, and be committed enough to follow the guidance of our inner ally which ALWAYS leads us down the right path.

The noun for “being” refers to the nature or essence of a person—much like my definition of the soul—the essence of who we are. However, “being” as a verb is much more complicated. The concept simultaneously encompasses the objective and subjective experience of existence and reality. In “being”, all you are “doing” is observing and deepening your understanding of all that is going on around and within you. So, why is it so hard?

Being is the key to conscious evolution. Without being, we would not evolve beyond simply being human. As evolving souls, we need the time to go within to examine who we are, what place we hold in the world, and who we are to become so we can fulfill our destiny. French philosopher was first quoted as saying, “We aren’t humans having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Our consciousness is what makes us human, but it is also what allows us to evolve as souls. Through our willingness and ability to “be”, we enter the first stage of evolution—the stage in which we can observe both our inner and outer worlds to determine how we will move forward.

The last eleven months have forced us to live life differently. Many have struggled to let go of “normal” to accept a new reality. My constant message throughout these months has been to encourage others to “be”—to observe their reactions, resistance, and need for control while remaining open to learn about the next steps in their evolution. Eckhart Tolle said, “Life will give you whatever is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” Perhaps it is time to learn to be so that we can explore who our soul wants us to become.

For me, this time has been both a wake-up call and a much-appreciated reset from the pace I had been keeping. In summer, life apparently thought a couple of knee injuries would be helpful for my own evolution. It quickly became clear that the Universe wanted me to “be” more as I resigned myself to heal. Before the pandemic, travel offered some solo time in mountains, beaches, or in sacred spaces to reflect. Like everyone, I’ve had to adjust my routine to include time to “be” in my own home—which shouldn’t be difficult given that I’ve created many sacred spaces in and outside my home. But the human condition has a way of distracting us, pulling us off our soul’s track, especially when we are in our own home. I, too, must work at allowing myself to quiet my mind enough to hear, listen, and follow my inner guidance. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy despite the fact that I teach these essential skills to others on a daily basis.

Last year was the biggest test of our lifetime in learning to be. Luckily, as 2021 begins, we are provided with a “do-over” opportunity to practice this once again. At least for the next several months, we will be charged with a new level of “being”—asked to go within yet a bit longer—and perhaps deeper—to really listen and hear the messages from our soul.

Are you ready to “be”? What resistance do you feel when you sit quietly with yourself, even for a few moments? What are you afraid to see or hear when you quiet your mind?

I’ve created an acronym that will be discussed further in future newsletters and online events.
Appropriately, it is based on the word E.V.O.L.V.E—

All elements of this acronym require us to take the time to “be”. It is in being that we learn to not only survive but thrive—to take our lives from the point of examination to one in which we elevate ourselves to a higher and more fulfilling way of living. Our conscious evolution requires us to stop, examine, observe, listen, and learn. Being is the straight path to our evolution and without this essential tool, we will stumble, remain misaligned, and prevent our desired growth.

Here are some ways to “be” more each day:

  1. Simply breathe. Several times a day, focus on your breathing—as you inhale and exhale, more fully take in the world around you.
  2. Notice more. Pay attention to the subtle nuances of life that you would normally overlook.
  3. Ground yourself. Find ways to anchor yourself and your soul in the present moment—tap your feel lightly to feel yourself fully in your body, connecting with Mother Earth, the chair you are sitting in, or the environment around you.
  4. Let go. Allow yourself to release day-to-day stress and things you can’t control.
  5. Ask your inner ally. Stop to do a “gut-check”, asking what your soul wants or needs in that moment to thrive.
  6. Laugh. Joy—the most natural state of the soul—brings us back to the moment. Allow yourself to chuckle more to realign with your sacred self.

As the year unfolds, allow yourself to be so your soul can most fully evolve to become who you were intended to be.

We learn by being attentive to our life, we grow by being attentive to our soul.