It’s happening.  The world is waking up.  Finally.

When people ask me how to define or describe consciousness, I often talk to them about seeing the world from a 3-D view—the world beyond the world.  Consciousness, then, is having the ability to “be awake and notice what is happening around you”.  The problem with this is that most take the events of the world at face value and don’t look at the bigger picture.  Take the news, for instance.  Most news shows are perceived as presenting ominous, hostile, and tragic events.  And this is true at face value.  But those who are conscious of the global movements that are happening around us understand that each story plays an integral part in the shifting dynamics of the world.

In the last few weeks, I’ve seen more evidence that the world is waking up than ever before.  seasons treeHonestly, I can’t remember a time when so many key aspects concerning the darkness of the world have been elevated and illuminated to a point where change is clearly evident.  Many are celebrating these changes, while others are strongly resisting them.  But the time has come to really take a look at what is real, what is relevant, and most importantly—what is really important.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

  • racismAlthough racism has been a longstanding problem in our country, it all came to a head with the recent and tragic shooting in Charleston.  The killer clearly stated that he did it to eliminate black people.  If that isn’t racism, I’m not sure what is.  What this event did was finally illuminate the depth of hatred for others of another culture.  But I have news for you… we are all part of the “United” States culture.  No matter the skin color, we are all US Citizens.  What separates us is nothing more than fear, which is a sorely outdated concept.
  • The “Flag Fury”, as the news is calling it, also brought racism into full view. It finally became clear that the confederate flag held more negative connotations than positive ones.  The dropping of the flag is yet another victory for a growing consciousness that we all are created equal.  The confederate flag was designed as a symbol of separation, not unity.  Yes, it is a part of history—but an antiquated one.
  • gay marriageSame-sex marriage has now been legalized on a federal level. Amen!  Why in the world would anyone want to tell someone else who they can or cannot love?  That just doesn’t make sense if we are all supposed to be unconditional toward one another.
  • The recent stories about transgendered individuals, including Bruce Jenner, are breaking the silence for many who have felt trapped in their lives, much against their soul’s truth. The most touching story I heard was told by a woman interviewed for NBC Nightly News, who said that her love for her 4 year-old child was more than her attachment to his birth sex.  She welcomed his change to living as a girl and immediately saw her child’s soul brighten and mood lift.  Love overcame fear—and that is one awesome parent who should be commended for offering her child a loving and unconditional upbringing, which is what we all want.
  • earth with stupidGlobal warming… oh, I’m sorry… the politically correct phrase is now “climate change”. But it doesn’t exist, right?  The collapse of the ice caves in Washington were just a coincidence.  The worldwide erratic weather patterns are just a snafu.  The melting glaciers and raising waters are an illusion.  And now the Pope, who is the most revered leader of those who teach the Bible, has now been condemned for saying we need to pay attention to our environment.   Those who oppose his statement and involvement in saving the planet apparently forgot that God created the earth.  It is plain ol’ ludicrous to say that taking care of the earth is a moral issue, not a religious one.  That silly statement woke up a lot of folks, believe me.
  • The passing of the next phase of healthcare reform was also a boost to consciousness. It doesn’t fully solve the problems, but it does confirm that they exist and that something needs to be done to change a system that is seriously broken— something that just happens to affect each and every one of us as US citizens.
  • women empowermentThe admission of Bill Cosby that he did, in fact, intentionally drug women in order to have sex with them was a huge boost to the empowerment of women. Many didn’t want to believe that he—the king of comedy—could have done something so awful.  But he did.  And when the news broke that he admitted this years ago, it vindicated women on yet another level from the submission they have been subjected to for years.
  • The Donald Trump hoopla is another example of a raising consciousness—both of racism and also of the misuse of money. His statements about the Hispanic culture are even more hypocritical given that the majority of the construction staff who builds his multimillion dollar hotels and casinos are descendants of South and Middle America.  The fact that as many as 10 national companies and organizations to date have dropped their alliance with Mr. Trump shows that his money means nothing if it is used to slander others.

Love consciousnessMany more “newsworthy” events are popping into awareness to show that the old ways are breaking down.  The old fears that were so firmly anchored are now shaking loose, much to the disapproval of some.  to that I say “good” and “thank God”!  Love consciousness is on the rise… and the old ways just don’t work anymore.  The old ways are just that… old.  And outdated.  And ridiculous.

Last night I spoke about these changes to my monthly discussion group.  One lady mentioned that I must have to be careful with what I say because people would think I’m crazy.  I found this statement interesting because it clearly paralleled the fears that many still hold today in illuminating the truth, which again, is ironic since the truth is supposed to set us free.  But I came to understand not so long ago that the people who raise the biggest fuss are also the ones to blaze the biggest trails.  They are the ones who raise consciousness to the level of change.  I want to be one of those change agents.  Do you?

Concept image of miniature construction workers inspecting a brain. There are small caution cones around the brain. White background

It’s time to wake up, folks.  It’s time to shed the old ways and join in a collective consciousness that is love—not fear based.  It’s time to restructure our thinking in the form of inclusion, not exclusion.  It’s time to connect, not judge and distance ourselves.

I find the irony and hypocrisy of the world so interesting.  Many people would rather spend their time fighting to maintain symbols and ideas of the past that clearly hurt others rather than, for example, using that same amount of time and money to feed a hungry child.  They would rather maintain separation, difference, and judgment than love one another.  They would rather mistreat their neighbor, rather than love them like our ancient script prominently states.

I don’t get it.  But then again, I don’t have to.  I’m choosing consciousness.  Care to join me?