I don’t know anyone who doesn’t struggle with some form of insecurity, self-consciousness, or morale issue. Why worry about what others think? When did this start? And more importantly, how long will it take for us to get past or evolve beyond these concerns? In my daily psychotherapy practice, I help clients examine, work through, and overcome– or evolve– beyond their old fears. But why is it that all, not some, of us worry about what others think?

Being the documentary junkie that I am, I recently watched a National Geographic film on the evolution of man. Original research suggested that man began “modernizing” approximately 30-40,000 years ago. This was documented through archaeological evidence of written language or art that was used to communicate in one way or another. However, more recent research indicates that our ancestors were concerned with what others thought as long as 75-80,000 years ago. Astounding!

The following video was recorded just after I viewed this documentary. Take a look so you can understand the history behind your own self-worth concerns as well as learn how and when to release them.

Perhaps it is time to evolve beyond our ancestor’s self-esteem issues.