Ebb and flow naturally with life. Do not fight against the currents. Let what life brings happen then allow it to drift away when it has taught you what you needed to learn from it. Embrace this and carry on.

– April Peerless


Lately, I’ve felt myself entering a familiar cocoon—a need to pull back,reflect and rest my mind, body and soul. I’ve been so hyper-focused in the last few years in purchasing and moving into my office condominium, launching Soul Health Essentials—The Oils of Evolution, managing my own and others’ adjustment to the pandemic, then writing and launching The Healer’s Path (not to mention healing from two significant leg injuries) that every part of me now just wants to contract. I want to enter my shell, go into my chrysalis or hide in a cave.

Most people wouldn’t know that I’m in this phase because I continue to go about my “public” life as usual. But during my own time, I find myself staying to myself even more than I normally would, leaving the radio or TV off, spending time in mindless activity (gardening, painting walls, or cleaning out cabinets), journaling and reading poetry. Outside of my daily responsibilities, I just want to “be”.

It seems like the Universe is trying every way it can to get people to go within—the pandemic forced nearly two and one half years of seclusion and discernment and now world events, limited travel, sweltering heat and soaring gas prices beckon us to go within as well. But are we accepting this invitation to contract and listen to the quiet small voice inside of us?

Everything in nature goes through cycles of contracting and expanding—the seasons, the economy, our health and well-being, our relationships, the weather and even more mundane things like cleaning or home improvement, basic interests and other things that we likely don’t even think to acknowledge. Even the basic nature of breathing represents the ebb and flow of life—something so unconscious that we don’t even notice the cycle.

Years ago I became aware that I seem to function in three-year cycles. I expand something in my life, then I contract into my cocoon for both rest and reflection about what comes next. I seem to change something significant every thirty-six or so months, not because I try to make this happen but because it naturally does. While some resist change, I don’t generally mind it. My life and the events that catalyze my next steps might jolt me into a new awareness, but I try to consciously explore what is on the horizon so I can either prepare or relax into the next level of change. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Spirit told me that my theme for last year was “Elevate”—which I did in ways that I am still trying to comprehend. This year I heard the word “Embrace”, which seems to be the passcode to my cocoon. Recently two different energy workers told me that they heard my guides tell them to tell me to “Allow and relax”. I found that both interesting and amusing since neither knew I had seen the other. Obviously, this is more evidence to go within.

What cycle are you currently in? Contraction or Expansion? Do you find your life ebbing or flowing right now?

Allowing yourself to contract and expand can be unsettling. For those who like to stay busy, contracting and slowing down might be a struggle. For those who resist change, expansion might disturb them more. Remember, discomfort always accompanies evolution and whether the ebb or flow of life catches you off guard, both are experiences worth paying attention to as part of your soul’s evolution.

Ironically, in September I will be doing something I’ve always thought about doing, but didn’t necessarily think I ever would- I’ll be rafting the Grand Canyon. Fortuitously, I received an email message from a continuing education company about a psychologist who specializes in integrating nature into her practice is hosting a trip through the canyon. She is an experienced river guide and decided to offer a workshop on the most adventurous river in the country to talk about “Flow” theory—a theory that teaches you to embrace the flow of everyday life.  I paid my deposit in December and now look forward to the trip as part of this year’s ebb and flow evolutionary cycle.

The Grand Canyon is my favorite national park in the country. It holds powerful memories and I have visited the south rim six times, mostly when I’ve needed time to reflect or go within. To many, it is simply a big hole in the ground, but to me it provides so much more I can’t even fully explain. However, this time I will be traveling through this magnificent natural site, not simply sitting on the edgegazing down at the river below. I now understand that this experience will be a rebirth of sorts as I travel through the “birth canal” of my most treasured spot on the planet.

I have no idea how I will emerge, but what I do know is that my current “contraction” is part of my preparation to emerge at yet another evolutionary juncture or cycle. Much like the first glance at a newborn child, I have no idea what my life will look like until it arrives. And that’s okay. I am in no rush to know what is to come and I figure you can’t rush evolution anyway. I’m surrendering to the river to allow my next level of evolution to emerge.

Over the last six months I’ve shared more about the E.V.O.L.V.E. acronym I created to help you navigate your own phases of evolution.No doubt, you will go through this process many times throughout your lifetime, beginning and ending many evolutionary steps in both your human and soul development. 

Although I don’t know where your next level will take you, I want to provide you with the tools needed to assist you on your way. Our conscious evolution still needs guidance because you don’t always know where you’re going until you get there. But one thing is certain—the ebb and flow of life will continue.




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