As far as I know I haven’t been cloned, nor do I have a twin, triplet or other multiple birth partner.  Personally, I think one of me is about as much as I can handle, let alone the rest of the world.

I know that the proverbial “they” say that everyone has a look-alike somewhere on earth.  Since I moved to North Carolina almost 13 years ago, dozens of people have told me that I look really familiar to them and they wondered if I attended the same school, church, or some other organization as they did.  Every time I hear this I politely say “no” and just add the curious moment to the growing list of others.  The familiar cocking of heads to remember where they have seen me is always an amusing sight.

However, I never knew my “alter” would enter my therapy sessions with clients as much as it has.  Over the years, I have heard many clients say that a tiny version of  me pops into their head as they get through their days—through challenges, periods of growth, and various “ah ha” moments.   They say I sit on their shoulder, tap them on the back, thump them on the head, and whisper—or even shout something in their ear.  So far, no one has said that Mini-Me has kicked them in the pants, but I’m sure that image will eventually appear for someone along the way.

One client jokingly reports that Mini-Me constantly annoys her as she is about to do something that she knows she will regret.  As she updates me on her experiences since the previous therapy session, she always notes how and when my shrunken self has appeared and what she has learned as a result.  Apparently, my persona has proven to be a useful tool even in a tiny, yet imaginary form.

Then there was the couple I saw several years ago for ongoing marital problems.  After a few months, they began a session by laughing about how they had been struggling through a difficult discussion and finally decided to pull in another chair as if I was sitting there guiding them through their conversation.  They talked about how their invisible therapist had not only set the tone for the conversation, but helped them behave more mindfully and respectfully as they worked through their issue.  From that point on they went on their back deck, set up three chairs, and engaged in “backyard therapy” whenever they needed it.  As we were wrapping up our work due to their upcoming move to another state, I asked them if they were packing “my” chair to take with them.  They chuckled and said “Oh yeah, we can’t leave that one behind”!

The truth is that these clients aren’t giving credit where it is actually due.  They are the ones who are creating “Dr. Mini Me” as their guide for life, and in actuality, it is really their newfound knowledge and growth that they have dressed in my Barbie-sized clothes.  Perhaps it is easier for them to hear the words of wisdom from another source since we all tend to question ourselves when we are vulnerable and undergoing a transition.  Or maybe they are arguing with themselves for whether they actually want to change, but misperceive it to be Mini Me who is creating the ruckus of their own conscience.

I really don’t care where their growth and change is coming from as long as they are thinking about themselves and their lives in a new way.  Their heightened consciousness is what they will be taking with them long after our work is done.  Regardless of which “me” is present during their journey of healing, it is always an honor and privilege to be a witness to their evolution.

Believe it or not, there are companies out there that literally make custom “mini me” dolls if you send them a picture of yourself.  This could be considered either a little creepy or a lot narcissistic.  But I have to admit, the thought of keeping some “miniature me” dolls on hand gives me a hardy chuckle.  I can just see them all lined up on a shelf in my storage closet, along with a check out sheet for their distribution.

To be honest, it is a little flattering to know that my miniature image or voice pops up during various junctures in people’s lives.  I am here to raise consciousness and to help people learn and grow, no matter how or when the information gets translated.  I just need to figure out how to bill for my time when Dr. Mini Me is on duty so I can get a little more rest.