Every next level of your life will demand a different you.

~ Leonardo DiCaprio

I really had no idea how writing The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery would change my life. I’m still deciphering everything that happened in the process and I imagine I will continue to do so for many months and possibly years to come.

As many of you know, each year I set a theme that keeps me focused on my growth throughout the upcoming year. I used to spend a great deal of time thinking about the perfect theme that would take me to the next level. Several years ago, I shifted the thought process and just let my soul and Spirit tell me what I needed to keep on my radar for the growth that was to come. In late 2020, I heard the words “refine and redefine” enter my thoughts. After distilling these words, Icame up with the word “Elevate” as my 2021 theme, which to me encompassed both perspectives of change.

Little did I know how that the word “elevate” would change my life. I didn’t ask for the change that happened and I didn’t anticipate that my internal world would be turned over in such dramatic ways. Throughout 2021 I experienced what I call “energetic surges”—emotional and physical impulses that continuously moved through every aspect of my being. As I’ve said many times, discomfort always accompanies evolution and I now believe that I was meant to remain uncomfortable (this is a delicate term compared to what I experienced) throughout the year in order to grow and evolve.

The way in which I did pretty much everything was elevated—the way I wrote, the way I saw the world, the way I experienced emotion, the way I connected with the Universe, the way I felt while interacting with others—even the way I ate, slept and breathed. Everything—and I mean EVERYTHING felt intense as I made my way on my soul’s upward path.

I’m still coming off of that intensity, but from everything I experienced I know I’ve ascended to the next major level. While much of it happened on its own, I imagined how I needed to elevate my “game” in order to get to the next level of “me”. 

The E.V.O.L.V.E. acronym places “elevate” at the end of the evolutionary process—(E)xamine your life, en(V)ision how you’d like to change, (O)bserve yourself along the way, (L)earn what you are supposed to about your journey thus far, (V)enture into new things and (E)levate your thoughts, expectations and behaviors to get yourself where you want and need to be. By elevating your game, you make an agreement with yourself—your soul—that you will stretch your edges, take more initiative in your growth and step into the next level of you. To practice conscious evolution, you must follow this path to set the stage for the new you.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, when you open to the Universe, it opens to you. In this case, when you’re ready to elevate your life the Universe will provide the many opportunities to do so—you just have to be willing to step up.

Philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “I know of no more encouraging act than the unquestionable ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.” It is when we consciously decide and agree to go to the next level that our evolution is assured. Yes, it might be uncomfortable, but to avoid our natural upward path only creates regret.

Our soul’s most natural state is that of evolution. When we use the word inertia—a force that moves forward unless something impedes its movement—our soul’s evolution is infinite. It is only when we get in our own way that our progress slows or stops.

My theme for this year is “Embrace”. This seems like a much less active word than elevate, but because I’m “embracing how I’ve elevated”, the words go hand in hand. In some ways, I’m still reeling from all of the elevation that has occurred since the beginning of 2021. I’m still discovering who I am and what I am now about, which also requires me to leave some things behind. As I say in my book Soul Health, we have to clean out in order to fill up. In this case, I have to let go in order to move ahead.

Are you willing to step into the next level of you?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.

~~ Henry David Thoreau



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