I’m always trying to improve something– my therapy skills, my writing abilities, my social media knowledge (have a long way to go on that ever-changing world!), not to mention my culinary techniques, environmental awareness, ideas about the world, etc. Although self-improvement and meeting your goals and aspirations is a wonderful thing, it leaves me constantly frustrated that I could be doing better or more, or be making a bigger difference in people’s lives.

That is, until recently when my intention for a relaxed evening changed all that. I had just settled down to watch my favorite sitcom, when an unfortunate, yet fortunate, change of programming changed my outlook. What started as frustration and disappointment that Big Bang Theory had been moved to another night then turned into a huge “Aha” moment and shift in perspective. I have no idea if the writers of the show intended the words to have such a profound affect, but they did. Go figure….

Watch the video below to see how Supergirl changed my life!

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