The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery

A Restorative Journey for Healthcare Workers

Available 2-22-22

The Healer’s Path: Restorative Strategies for Healthcare Workers
The pandemic affected more than life balance, fatigue and emotional health; it struck healthcare workers at the essence of who they are—their soul. Now they need a procedure of their own to rebalance and reclaim their own lives. The Healer’s Path will help them to not only heal, but to evolve beyond where they were even before this virus arrived. – Dr. Katherine T. Kelly

Are you ready for post-COVID Recovery?

  • Learn how to go from raw to right-side up…

  • Evolve beyond the crush of COVID…

  • Create your personalized procedure of a lifetime…

  • Pave the way to a much brighter future…



Praise for The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery: A Restorative Journey for Healthcare Workers

Dr. Kelly’s book provides solace and insight into the professional lives of health care providers during this historic pandemic. The stories shared throughout the book reveal the common experience of health care providers. You will feel heard and acknowledged. Her guidance for healing and recovery is an invaluable resource to embrace and grow from the lessons of the pandemic. A must read.”
Lea Harrell Kirkland, MD, Psychiatrist

The Healer’s Path to Post-COVID Recovery validates what many healthcare providers experienced during the COVID pandemic. Dr. Kelly has provided an insightful guide to healing the deepest areas of the soul that were severely impacted by this pandemic. She then takes it a step further to help you recognize the complex feelings that reside deep within you to transform the darkest hours into the brightest light!
Briana L. Garcia, RN, LMBT

A special book that can help anyone chart a path through difficult times and emerge stronger, better, and more soulful.
Wayne M. Sotile, PhD, Author of Thriving in Healthcare and The Thriving Physician

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