For those of you who read my previous blog titled “Incan Initiation”, you know that my trips to Peru
aren’t just trips.   Although I knew I would someday visit the country, I never expected that I would go more than once.  However, through a meditation during my first visit I heard that I would be returning in two years.  This was news to me, but I kept an open mind.  As time went on, I heard through further meditation that my next trip would be about “completion”.  I had no idea what this meant, but like the previous trip, I decided to just let the meaning unfold for me when the time was right.

When 11-11-11 rolled around, I got the feeling that this was the time to make my next plans.  I looked several times and didn’t find a trip that felt right until I looked one more time and the first itinerary that appeared included my previous guide, Jorge Luis Delgado.  I immediately knew that this was the right journey for me.  This time the plans included a full week in the Lake Titicaca region, but because I was so drawn to Machu Picchu I added a few days to the trip to return to this magical city in the clouds.

017I arrived in Aguas Calientes mid-morning on November 3rd, grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed up the mountain to visit my home away from home.  Because of my experience sitting by the Guard House two years prior, I decided my first stop would be the same.  Similar to two years before, I sat and meditated and when I opened my eyes I spent several minutes just looking around, feeling very much at peace.  Then I started to remember myself several lifetimes prior, walking purposefully through the plaza dressed in what I came to recognize as a Priestess gown.  I was overcome with a very familiar sense of comfort, and realized that the “Welcome Home” message from my first trip was my re-acquaintance with my once native land.  I had lived there before.

The funny thing about this was that it took me two years to understand the initial message.  It hadn’t dawned on me during my first visit that I had experienced a past life there, but now it all made sense.  Perhaps this was my completion.  I returned to Cusco on the late train that evening and spent the next day wandering through the streets of Cusco, enjoying the beautiful culture of the city, and shopping in the bustling markets.  I was happy as a clam.

Islands of Uros 3, Lake Titicaca, Peru 2011

I joined the group in the Lake Titicaca region the next day, where we embarked on yet another amazing journey.  Jorge is a very gifted healer and “bridgeperson”—the connection between human and spirit worlds.  He led us through several ceremonies, all preparing us for the “grand finale” ceremony on 11-11-11 at the Sacred Doorway—Amaru Muru, which is considered a portal to the upper world.  While participating in a water ceremony on the famous Islands of Uros— the famous handmade islands made of floating reeds—I met a shaman who would change my life forever.

After the ceremony, he came to the top of the boat where myself and three other members of our group were sitting.  With him, he brought several ancient artifacts, one being a beautifully carved conch shell and another an incredible crystal, turquoise, and gold-beaded necklace.  I immediately focused on the necklace he wore and was mesmerized by the unique and rustic beauty.  He took it off and leaned over and put it on me.

I was already on an emotional high following the water ceremony, but the energetic rush I experienced once he placed the necklace around my neck was both amazing and baffling.  I’ve never used drugs, but the feeling I had at the time was completely intoxicating.  He kept saying “It was made for you”, “It was made for you”.   Through his Peruvian accent, he told us that the necklace was 500-700 years old and was passed down through many generations.  When asked, he said the charge for the item was $1800, and although incredible, I knew I couldn’t pay that amount after having spent the money for the trip itself.  I took the necklace off and handed it to another member of the journey.

11The days following proved interesting.  Every time this shaman saw me he would come over, push the necklace into my hands and say “It was made for you” over and over again.  I would politely hand it back to him, telling him I could not afford to make the purchase.  Every time, he looked baffled and even dismayed at the rejection of the sale.  I hate to admit this, but throughout this time, I know I was being a skeptical traveler, thinking he was simply trying to take advantage of an American tourist.

On the night of November 9th he approached me on the way out of the dining room and pushed the necklace into my hands once more.  He told me to take the necklace that night and that he would find me the next day.   I tried to resist, but he insisted and I eventually complied. That happened to be the night of full moon and as I returned to my room I decided to meditate while wearing the necklace.  After about 2 hours, I decided I needed to get some sleep, despite feeling highly charged after a deep period of time peering within.

What happened next is very hard to explain.   Suffice it to say that in the middle of the night I merged with every spirit guide and source of information I held dear to me.  Someday I will share more, but for right now the necklace is the focal point.

The next day, I brought the necklace back to the shaman and thanked him for allowing me to take the item with me the night before.  He looked dumbfounded, but I insisted that he reclaim the ancient artifact.  During the remaining days, he continued to say the necklace was made for me and started lowering the price.  I ignored his offers, although wondering now if I should consider the purchase.  I decided that he would have to offer me a ridiculously low price for the necklace before I would buy it and on the day before I left, he came down to that amount.  Somehow, I still told him no, despite the amazement of others on the trip who knew what had been happening throughout the journey.  The shaman had told me that he was leaving to return to Cusco that night and that I would not see him again.  I thanked him for his offer and wished him well on his journey.  I told another member of the trip about his departure and said if I was supposed to have the necklace I would somehow run into him again, whether in Cusco or on another journey.

The next morning I got up, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, then walked down to another hotel to tell others from the trip goodbye.  As soon as I walked in, my eyes caught those of the shaman.  I stopped dead in my tracks and in that moment knew I was buying the necklace.  He walked over to me, handed me the necklace and I paid him the ridiculously low amount I had previously decided upon.  He blessed the necklace for me and I went on my way to the airport.

Now, I may have three graduate degrees, but as you can tell, I’m a bit of slow learner in some respect.  It wasn’t until I returned home that I realized that the necklace had been mine in my past life at Machu Picchu.  That’s why the shaman was so adamant about the fact that it had been made for me and also for the reason he was so baffled at my rejection of his offers to sell it to me.  I suppose I’m glad I didn’t know what was happening because it made it that much more real once it all came together for me.  Had I jumped at the thought of owning an item that I’d worn several years prior, I wouldn’t have gotten the clarity I had by the end of the trip.  And I certainly wouldn’t have experienced other levels of the completion that I had throughout the journey.  I’ve always believed that things happen for a reason, and the unfolding of this journey was yet one more step in developing my understanding about my life—both past and present.

12The carving at the base of the necklace is of Pacha Mama—the main spiritual figure in the Incan and Peruvian cultures.  It lays directly on my heart when I wear it and through its energy, I always feel completely grounded and in my personal power.  I’ve used it many times to center myself and I wore it every time I sat down to write my book, which happens to be about creating the best life possible so that your soul can evolve.  Go figure.

I know many still deny the possibility of past lives.  But through these and other experiences, I have no doubt that I’ve been here before.  After I shared the story with a friend, her partner asked how knowing about past lives could be helpful.  For me, it is clear that my sole purpose for being here in this lifetime is firmly grounded in the discovery of my past lives.  Part III of this blog series will take you to the next level of understanding this as well.

Our consciousness goes far beyond our experiences in this lifetime.   Some of our present-day issues come from unresolved or unfinished business from our past.  For those who think we only get one chance at life, I have to say—the game is never over.  Our evolution is infinite.  And each life is just one piece of the puzzle.

Stay tuned for Part III in a couple weeks.  Better yet, join me on my guided trip to Peru in September and experience your own awakening to your life as an Incan!