This title can have all sorts of meanings if you let your mind wander too far, especially when it comes to thoughts of Las Vegas.  Few likely pair the word “soul” with the city of sin, but as many know, I’m not like most people.

I’m in the midst of expanding my work to spread the word about Soul Health.  So, in mid-August, I took a trip out west to explore various retreat and workshop sites which might be good venues for the personal development and soul evolution work I do.  My plan was to fly into Phoenix to pick up a rental car and check out sites in Sedona, around the Grand Canyon, and in the southwest corner of Utah, then fly out of Las Vegas, which was the closest large airport at that point of the trip.  It would be a lot of driving, but I had several meetings scheduled along the way and I also thought the drive would provide both a time to clear my head but also time to envision the layout of the trip (or trips) that would evolve from my scouting tour.


Having rented several cars in my many travels, I showed up ready to take custody of whatever vehicle the company chose to give me (which has been anything from a small sports car to a  HMMWV/Humvee—both fun to drive as well!).  Once the paperwork was complete and keys were in hand, I made my way to the parking space number the attendant provided.  Much to my pleasure I arrived to find that they had assigned a Kia Soul as my transportation for the week.  What a good omen!!!  Here I was doing a scouting trip for Soul Health Travel, the newest arm of my work, and here I was also about to drive through the west in a nifty new Kia Soul.  Accident?  I don’t think so…..

Since publishing Soul Health, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to drive a Kia Soul.  The book is about aligning the various aspects of the human condition in order to reach your most radiant and pleasurable life, as well as set the stage for your soul’s evolution.  The commercials for the Kia are not only cool and funky, but the most recent ones also promote health and wellness as those once chubby rats turned themselves into quite the svelte dudes.  The thought of driving a Soul seemed appropriate given the evolution of the commercials as well as my work… and here I was….

And I have to say… I wasn’t disappointed.  I had a blast driving from site to site, envisioning a personalized license plate, custom colors to match the Soul Health Model.  I posted a picture on Facebook of me in the car with southern Utah’s Snow Mountain State Park’s beautiful red rock formations in the background.  A fan wrote in that I needed to get a “wrap” job (as opposed to “rap 000 Soul Health Modeljob”) done on the car with my holistic health model as the graphic/logo.    A friend and I texted back and forth about becoming a Kia corporate health spokesperson using Soul Health as the newest slant for advertising.  And I, of course, fantasized about Kia putting a nice big bow on a new Soul and delivering it to my driveway—free of charge.

Given that I had an 8:05 a.m. flight on the day of departure, I had to return the car around 6:00 a.m. to catch the shuttle to the airport.  As I unloaded the car, the attendant greeted me, finalized the paperwork, and told me to meet him at the kiosk to pick up my receipt.  No sooner had I arrived at the window and turned to look back, had my Soul disappeared.  It was nowhere to be found.  The cleanup crew swept it away before I could do a final glance and say goodbye to my soulful wheels.  The funny thing is, I actually felt an emotional loss, both at no longer being carried around by the Soul, but also because I hadn’t made my final farewell.  As I walked to the shuttle, I shook my head both laughing and exploring the multitude of metaphors about the Kia Soul and my trip out west.

It is true that when we lose sight of the needs of our soul that we feel sad or depressed.  It is true that we miss ourselves when we are misaligned in one or more of the dimensions of the human condition. On the other hand, it is also true that our soul is playful and fun.  It is undoubtedly true that we feel joyful and secure when our soul is well balanced and content.  I could go on and on with various metaphors and clever statements about our soul—or “Soul” according to Kia.  All I know is that it felt strangely aligned to be driving through the west on a “Soul Health” journey driving none other than a Kia Soul.  No coincidence in that one….

So, if any of you know the folks at Kia, tell them I have a whole new slant on “Soul” Health for them.  I’m ready to do all of their corporate health programs, endorse their product, and become their poster child for their car.  I’m also ready to whip those rats into a state of conscious evolution that they’ve never imagined possible…

I do plan to contact Kia just to say I did.  I will keep you posted on any results and post a picture of my “Soul Health” wrapped Kia Soul once it arrives.