Have you made space in your life to grow? When was the last time you took five minutes to evolve?
Our conscious evolution doesn’t happen on its own. We must step back and reflect on where we’ve been, then step forward and take action to evolve into what and who we want to become.

As many of you know, I’m a bit busy these days. My next book, Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-Care, is scheduled for release in mid-April, I just launched Soul Health Essentials-my line of therapeutic oils, I’m finishing up a very involved training program (Quantum Leap Marketing)—and about to start another one (an Integrative Mental Health Certification), I’m in the process of possibly purchasing a new (and larger) office space to add more therapists and holistic practitioners, and I’m preparing to enter the professional speaking world in a much bigger way. All of this sounds like growth—and it is. However, I was recently nudged by the Universe to slow down and attend to my evolution for the sake of my own soul health.

You see, when I have a lot going on, I don’t always make time to reflect or create the space to grow from the inside out. I simply tuck my head and push forward. I can be extremely productive when I want to be, but I can also fall into the trap of “unconscious growth”—forgetting to observe the priceless process of evolution. When this happens, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep. This time of darkness is known as the “witching hour”—the period when we have very little other distraction to take us away from our worrisome thoughts.

One night a couple weeks ago, I woke up from a sound sleep at about 3:00 a.m., something that had become a bit of a frustrating pattern. Instead of getting angry, I immediately turned my attention to spirit and asked, “Why am I waking up? What are you trying to tell me?”

In an almost comical way, the answer came: “You set your yearly theme as ‘expand and align’ but you aren’t making time to enjoy the process. Slow down the train and all will be well.”

I immediately knew that I not only needed to “slow down the train” as spirit said (create a realistic schedule for when things would get done), but that I also needed to get back to more consistent journal-writing, meditation, and daily reflection. These are the top three ways that I actively participate in my own conscious evolution and I hadn’t been doing any of these methods of staying aware of my growth. Once I started engaging in these activities, my sleep improved. I’m still working on getting consistent sleep, but I do feel much more grounded and enriched as I consciously watch my world evolve.

In my book, Soul Health, I told another story of growth that has remained a profound experience to this day. When I moved into my current home, the front garden was completely covered with overgrown vines—clear evidence of the busy life the single mother who previously lived in the house had led. It took me nearly three months to clear the foliage, but once I did I discovered a treasure that was hidden beneath. I found a terraced garden with three levels of stone walls alternating with bushes, shrubs, and plants that I couldn’t see at first. Even more amazing was the emergence of new plants that started popping up, stretching through their newly cleared space to present themselves in a huge variety of shapes and colors. These poor things had had no room to grow in their vine-covered prison and no way for the sun to touch them and bring out their inherent beauty. By simply taking the time to create space for a new garden to grow, I was rewarded with the multitudes of beautiful buried treasures.

What would change if you made time to evolve? How much more would you enjoy the process? What would you learn if you made space in your day to observe your new growth?

Our soul’s evolution requires us to not only consciously decide that we want to grow, it also encourages us to actively observe how we do it. Making space for our growth ensures our evolution and guarantees our soul health.

How do you need to make space for your evolution? What are you willing to do to ensure your soul’s growth?