When I returned from Peru last fall, I understood more about what I’m here to do on this planet.  Although many of my friends knew about my previous adventures, I didn’t share the whole story with some of them.  I admit that to those who don’t understand or believe in past lives that this can all sound a bit “out there”.  But the truth is, the more I have explored my own past lives, the more I understand this one.  Over the last 18 years, I’ve read a lot about reincarnation, both from the spiritual perspective and the clinical.  Brian Weiss, a well-known expert on past life regression, also happens to be a well-respected psychiatrist, speaker, and author.  His own introduction to past lives came quite unexpectedly through his work doing hypnosis with patients.  His book, Many Masters Many Lives, has been integral in opening the clinical community to the notion, and has opened many minds over the years to help heal unusual emotional wounds that held no origin in clients’ present lives.

My own exploration of my “history” has been immensely helpful in understanding who I am, my traits, my innate understanding of certain things, my relationships, as well as my struggles and fears.  I now experience seemingly random “downloads” or visions of past lives that help me piece together parts of my life that don’t seem to make sense.

Although my experience with these visions began long before I ever went to Peru, my travel there has heightened my awareness and given me some major missing pieces to my life’s puzzle.  Upon returning, my “girls gang” friend group got together for a dinner at a friend’s house.  During the evening, one friend asked me about the trip and it all came pouring out, despite the fact that I knew it would stretch the minds of a couple of women who were present.  One woman remained very silent throughout the discussion, but I could see that she was trying to process the information despite her discomfort.

I learned later that she talked to another friend who was present, asking why anyone would want to know about a past life and how that could help to live a better life now.  My initial response was, “Who wouldn’t want to know more about one’s past?”—particularly if our successive lives are just a continuation of our overall evolution.


During my career as a therapist, there have been many times when I was doing visualization exercises and evidence of past lives spontaneously surfaced for clients.  Some were confused, while others simply accepted the information as another missing link in their past.  Many sessions naturally led to discussion about the topic and even those who devoutly followed rigid religious systems started to offer the subject as a possibility in their own development.

What I wonder now, though, is if the topic were more accepted, how many more people would be talking about it?  And how many more would be healed from confusing emotional and physical illness?  How would this change our methods of healing as practitioners, both mental and physical health?

A very intelligent colleague of mine openly says that she doesn’t have a spiritual bone in her body, noting that she just doesn’t understand the idea of God or connection with something “bigger”.  But after saying to her that I know a lot of people would think I’m crazy for sharing such stories, she promptly answered, “But you’re not a crazy person.”  So, if an uber logical professional can accept my experience, I’m am convinced that as I continue to tell my story, I will also help others evolve their lives in yet another way.

My website clearly states that I don’t believe healing from our wounds is enough; instead I want to help people evolve beyond them.  And I am more than certain that understanding our past, both this life and previous, can serve as one of the greatest facilitators of not only our soul health, but our evolution.  The health of our soul is not just about the current life we live in.  It is about the continuation of our experiences that build to create us as we are—as a whole—as a soul.  Ponder that for a while….

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Blessings in this life and all that are yet to come!