Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy

(***Please note: I am currently doing PLR therapy for ongoing clients only, but I am doing Past Life Akashic Record Readings for new clients. For more information about a reading, click here. Thank you!)

Evolution is a slow process.  In terms of evolution of the soul, we experience many opportunities to explore and “perfect” our growth through this and many other lifetimes. As an example, consider the rings in a tree. Every ring represents a “season” or lifetime, each one building and solidifying the base or trunk of the tree—the soul—in order to create the foundation for how the tree will continue in its growth. The tree is exposed to many elements during each season and develops or grows according to whether it receives enough nourishment or experiences trauma or damage. Just as the ebb and flow of seasons is visible within a tree’s rings, our soul also experiences many seasons. Each one affects the next to make us who we are today.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps you to delve into your past in order to better understand and thrive in your future. This specialized form of hypnosis helps you reach a deeper understanding to challenges within relationships, resolve life lessons or patterns, and even heal health concerns that may have originated through soul wounds experienced in prior lifetimes. This form of therapy has been researched by experts for several decades and can offer critical explanations to many previously unanswered questions.

Dr. Kelly was trained by psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, the leading expert in Past Life Regression Therapy. Following international recognition for his pioneering work, he opened the Weiss Institute to train practitioners to complete this integral form of soul healing. For more information go to www.brianweiss.com.

Please Note:  Although Past Life Regression Therapy can be an effective and powerful method of healing as a stand-alone method, it can serve as a potent enhancer of other forms of healing—including psychotherapy—as well. However, Past-Life Regression Therapy should not be sought in place of traditional psychological services.


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Due to the nature of this work, Dr. Kelly only schedules in-office Past-Life Regression Sessions.  Please contact her directly at 336-659-3923 X 1# to schedule an appointment.


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