The observer, when he seems to himself be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.
~ Bertrand Russell

Our soul is in a constant state of observation and contemplation. It continually monitors what we are doing within our human condition and tries to correct our choices and behaviors, all the while invisible to our thoughts. It is through our human discomfort that our soul attempts to get our attention—creating stirrings within to alert us that something is misaligned or in need of attention. The problem is, as humans, we have been taught to avoid going within. We have been taught that emotion and discomfort are bad. But these stirrings of discomfort are the soul’s invitation to evolve.

Without observation—without surveillance of the soul—we continue to flounder within the human condition and repeat the same patterns over and over again. We fail to overcome our fears, wounds and programing because we are afraid to see and hear what will actually help us change. Our human ego tries to protect us by reacting to the world around us, all the while preventing us from evolving beyond the conditions that got us there in the first place through a more viable and growth-oriented path of love. I’ll explain more about this later.

The definition of “observe” is to notice or perceive something, then register it as being significant. Conscious evolution requires us to observe ourselves, our thoughts, behaviors, reactions and emotions. It is only through this conscious observation that we recognize a noteworthy stirring is actually a seed being planted to enhance and improve our tree of life.

I have never observed myself as much as I have in the last twelve months. I’ve always striven to be self-aware—to learn and grow as a result of monitoring my internal world. But last year offered a whole different level of observation. This year hasn’t started out much different. Part of spiritual evolution—or ascension as many call it—includes the experience of extreme discomfort. For me, I call it “spiritual surging” as it literally feels like each cell in my body is expanding and each feels almost electric in its energetic charge. If you can imagine every cell in your body on fire while energetically expanding or exploding, this is how I’ve felt almost constantly since the beginning of 2021.

What have I observed? I witnessed myself experience great fear, doubt, frustration, confusion, disillusionment and even anger. Most people wouldn’t say they saw me experience these things but that is because instead of reacting to these forms of discomfort, I did my best to observe them instead. When we observe our stirrings we can respond rather than react to them. We can learn what we are supposed to learn, then respond in a more conscious and healthy way. Yes, I had my fights with the Universe a few times, but I always knew there were lessons involved and understood growth was just around the corner.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning of late is just how much we all react in fear vs. love. I already knew this to be true because the human condition is fraught with so much unpleasant emotion.  However, the more I observe myself the more I realize I have a lot to learn to truly live my life fully through a higher level of divine love. As we observe every negatively charged emotion—sadness, irritation, frustration, anger, hurt, etc.—we can discover that each reaction is our soul’s beckoning for growth beyond it. But it is easier to get stuck in the negative loop than to observe ourselves enough to turn it all around to evolve.

I will give an example that, when observed through your own eyes and experiences, will illuminate what I mean. Recently someone close to me reacted in a very uncharacteristic and fearful way. Because my resources were low due a continued heavy work load as well as preparing to launch my book, this triggered me to react in a very uncharacteristic and fearful way as well. My reaction was almost simultaneous to my experience of being hurt by this person’s reactions. While observing myself recoil and pull back from this person, I became well aware that my reaction was based on childhood experiences of my mother’s pattern of withholding love. She was a very fear-based woman from an emotional standpoint—she wasn’t willing to experience, tolerate or express much emotion and love at all. As I observed my reaction, I was able to realize much more clearly that fear begets more fear. My friend’s fearful reaction triggered my own. Had I not observed and learned from my reaction, this friendship very well could have ended. But through our willingness and ability to observe then share our experiences with one another, we were able to identify how fear overtook both of us, then vowed to respond in the future through loving awareness instead.

We pay more attention to the things that disturb us than those we enjoy. This is because the soul’s most natural state is joy and contentment—there is nothing to alert us to when we are in this balanced state.

Then why do we avoid observing our discomfort? Because it is uncomfortable. We have been trained to believe that suffering is to be avoided, although it is the most consistent and predictable part of life. Our human condition is just that—a condition. And our souls have chosen this path in order to evolve.

Through the power of observation we can become masters of the human condition. Each time we observe our reactions and responses we can learn. Each time we pause to become more aware of ourselves, our surroundings and those around us, we invite evolution.
For the next month, commit to observing more about your experience of living life. Make note of how much richer life becomes. Pay attention to each time you are discomforted and ask yourself, “What can I learn from this reaction”? In doing so, your life will take on new meaning and you will be guaranteed new growth on your tree of life.

Bruce Lee said, “Observe ‘what is’ with undivided awareness.” How would your life be different if you did?