The Essential Nature of Soul Healing in the Process of Renewal

The wound is the place where light enters you.
– Rumi

We often know something is there. We know it triggers us, trips us and throws us back to old patterns. We just don’t know what it is. The core of our discomfort is hidden in the shadows of our light.

Healing is the process of becoming sound, healthy or whole again. This requires us to uncover the origin of our difficulties in order to fully resolve and evolve beyond them. As a soul, we enter “earth school” to experience a life full of the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the human condition to learn whatever we are supposed to in order to evolve. While we might not realize that’s why we are here, learning is always embedded in our experiences throughout life, whether it be this one, any prior or any in the future.

Our soul’s evolution is infinite—it has the potential to go beyond what we can ever imagine. However, if left unresolved by “dents, dings, and scratches” of undesirable experiences, we find resistance, obstacles and repeated patterns that get in the way of our growth—and often our happiness as well.

There are three basic levels of healing that must occur beyond the physical in order to feel whole: healing of the mind, healing of the heart and healing of the soul. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most studied version of psychotherapy and most therapists practice some form of CBT in the services they offer. Heart healing—or the methods designed to lessen or eliminate unwanted or disruptive emotions—goes to a deeper level by releasing the emotional reactions that are stored or programmed within us as a result of our unpleasant experiences within the human condition.

Soul healing is different. This deeper and more complete form of healing helps us unlock the energetic imprint that has wounded us at a much deeper level– the very core of our being. Remember, the soul is defined as the essence of who we are and when we are wounded at such a deep level from our past experiences, it is not just a surface wound that needs to be addressed, it is the very substance of life—our life—that needs to be healed.

What is the “energetic imprint of our soul”? Think of it this way: everything is energy and everything emits or leaves an impression of itself on everything it touches or with which it comes into contact.

This is why memories can be so vivid—we sense and re-live the “essence” of the experience, not just the thoughts about it or the feelings we may have from that occasion. The energetic imprint, then, is the convergence of the thoughts, feelings AND the unique impression it left on our individual soul. This convergence can leave a different “mark” depending on who we have become up to that point, including the accumulation of all of our experiences of the human condition and whether we learned to heal any previous fractures or wounds.

For example, an X-Ray or MRI can identify internal damage or action that is taking place (or has taken place in the past) beneath the surface that may cause current discomfort. Without the scan, we wouldn’t really know what was there. Another example is a fingerprint—unless we dusted for the impression, we wouldn’t see the evidence that something had been touched. Or perhaps you see a shadow on a copy just lifted from a printer but the original sheet is clean; you know that a smudge sits on the glass or perhaps the printer drum is leaking toner to create the silhouette.

The same is true for the soul; there is an energetic imprint left on the deepest part of who we are when something has been wounded, fractured or altered about the core essence of who we are. Our unresolved soul wounds can inhibit our growth even when we do everything we know possible from the traditional methods of healing to make things better. If you can’t seem to overcome something in your life despite your many attempts, it is likely that your soul is wounded beyond what can generally be seen or understood. No medication or cutting-edge strategy will make a long-term difference when the deepest part of who we are has been wounded or altered. We need something more.

The energetic imprints that are left by wounds can be caused by various things—trauma, betrayals, and disappointments and can be related to anything from this or previous lifetimes, including challenging relationships, tragic events and/or anything that threatens the essence of who we are in such a way that it blocks our growth moving forward. For instance, some have fears or reactions that can’t be explained from events in this lifetime; in this case, past life work might be necessary to uncover the origin of the wound. Soul wounding is almost always present from sexual trauma, whether experienced as a child or adult. This can inhibit the formation of healthy relationships moving forward. More subtle wounding can occur when our hereditary lineage includes physical, emotional or even financial trauma that manifests as mindsets or programming that is hard to overcome or shed. In any of these instances, it is likely necessary to resolve the “imprint” of the trauma before you can feel liberated enough to move forward without discomfort.

Until you unlock, release and resolve the energetic imprint of what has wounded your soul, you will continue to repeat old patterns, experience extreme or unexplained emotional reactions, or even feel sluggish, broken and less than whole. You will simply continue living the same you already have for many years to come.

Certainly, not everyone carries heavy burdens. However, we do all experience the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with the human condition. That’s just the way it is in being human. When we understand the different layers of what makes us who we are, we can more strategically approach our evolution.

Our soul is the light deep within us. It is what carries us forward regardless of the burdens it holds and it is what motivates us to both survive and thrive. In order to truly live a radiant life, we must lift ourselves out of the shadows and step into our light.




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