Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-care

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Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-Care reveals the secret ingredients to living your most radiant life.

As an expert in Soul Health, Dr. Katherine T. Kelly knows that self-care is soul care. She offers a master soul-care plan you can use to:

                                    Restore your body
                                              Recharge your mind
                                                          Inspire your soul, and 
your life

Recipe for Radiance helps you create life-long strategies for optimal health. Like a chef, we must consider many steps in the process of feeding and nourishing our soul and managing stress. The metaphor of creating your own perfect recipe takes shape throughout this book, leaving you with a life-enriching, personalized plan for nurturing yourself.


Praise for Recipe for Radiance: Mastering the Art and Soul of Self-Care

“Creative and wise, Recipe for Radiance is a guide to radiant living. Dr. Katherine T. Kelly leads you through your personal care recipe planning with wisdom and ease. So, gather your equipment and your ingredients and create your own life-changing recipe for Soul-Full self-care.”
– Janet G Nestor, MA LPC DCEP, Mental health counselor and author of Pathways to Wholeness and Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care

Recipe for Radiance is magnificent. It will guide you through the transformation of recharging your mind, inspiring your soul, and restoring your body. I have learned through this book to develop a self-care plan, a life-long guide for my soul’s optimal health. This is a book you do not want to miss.”
– Marsha Stafford, Host of the Been There Done That Radio Show

“As a dietitian, I absolutely love how Dr. Kelly uses the metaphor relating self-care to recipes and cooking. Successful cooks become that way from practice and patience. We need the same traits when caring for ourselves. Practicing what has been proven to work and seeing consistent results gives us courage.”
– Krista Kiger, MA, Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach

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