Research shows that less than twenty-five percent of adults have 20-20 vision without the use of corrective lenses, while only 75% have this visual acuity with corrective measures. That leaves a quarter of the population who experience constant visual challenges no matter what they do.

What about the soul… do you have “20-20 soul vision”? Can you see and hear what it is trying to tell you? Do you hear the messages it attempts to convey?

As the “Pioneer of Soul Health”, the “Soul Chick”, “Dr. Soul”, and “Soul Mama”—all names I’ve been given over the years, my mission for you in 2020 is to assist you more directly in both acknowledging the importance of your inner ally and honing your “soul vision” to ensure that you make this year the best one yet as part of your evolution.

Conscious evolution requires us to assess whether we are satisfied with our lives within the human condition, determine what we need to work on in order to evolve, then take action to create our most optimal life. This doesn’t happen on its own and I want to give you the tools necessary to help you embrace a more radiant life. Although this is inherently a spiritual process, it takes an understanding of how the human condition and our soul work together to ensure our evolution. It is when we are in close touch with our soul that our human condition becomes more manageable and even pleasant. This sacred connection allows us to thrive!

In order to help you lead a more radiant life in 2020, I need to introduce you to your inner ally—the most precious and valuable part of who you are. When was the last time you spoke with your soul? Do you know how to listen?

To know your soul is to know true health.  Sadly, too few people do know their souls, let alone listen to them. Most ignore inner stirrings and messages and live their lives in a way that the modern world seems to dictate. We trust the outside world more than the one within. We are instructed to use our brains but not to develop the ability to hear an inner voice. And so we remain disconnected and discontent. Our brains may tell us to do—or not do—something, but our souls say something otherwise. We may know something is missing but we don’t know what “it” is.  We sense a void of some sort even if we can’t identify the source.

To know your soul is to develop an intense and deep relationship with it—to regard it as your most vital ally. This requires a faithful trust in yourself and the inner workings of your evolving self. The volume of your inner voice needs to be turned up and the volume on your intellect turned down so you are able to hear both, but with a keen focus on what your soul is communicating. Sometimes your soul will instruct you to do something that seems illogical to your mind, but is actually more aligned with what you need in order to reach radiant health. This “soul intelligence” will guide you much more directly toward optimal health and overall satisfaction in life more quickly than the advice of others. Your “soul IQ” will provide all the answers you need, simply by helping you to hear and trust the messages from within.

Soul health is not only about balancing the aspects of everyday life in order to feel whole, it is also about reconnecting with our innermost ally in such a way that we never lose vitality again.  It is about combining intellectual awareness concerning what is good in the everyday world with clear choices offered by the wisdom of our soul. Soul health is also about creating a strong relationship with yourself that makes it possible to commit to your growth and evolution as a soul-based being. This allows not only a deeper understanding of what we need as individuals, but also an expansive awareness of the true radiant vitality of our soul.

The following video offers you four key tips for how to listen to your soul and how to access the wisdom it has to offer. The final tip may surprise you because it gives you a simple way to unlock your inner wisdom—something I discovered in my own practice of daily soul-based living. I discovered this method of accessing the soul while thinking about a well-researched theory within psychology and have found it incredibly helpful in both healing the human condition and designing a soul-based life. I taught this method to a client just the other day and she was amazed at how simple it is to make decisions once you tap into the intelligence of your inner ally. Take a look:

Each month I will offer you additional tools to master the art of soul-based living. The more you work with your soul, the more automatically it will come into play in everyday life—and the more satisfied with life you will become.

Last year was an extraordinary year for me, both with everything I accomplished and how I seemed to have tireless energy to do it all. Numerous people commented about how they didn’t know how I could do everything I was doing— doing it all relatively well and easily despite the huge volume of tasks I was undertaking. At the end of the summer, I took a day to reflect on my year and just about fell over as I made a list of all the things I had done in the previous nine months. Even I was shocked!

Soon after, I had dinner with a dear friend. She, too, commented on how much I had been doing and questioned how my energy level was holding up. I told her that the more I healed the wounds of my own human condition, the more energy I had to lead a radiant life. This is the core concept of soul health and I was living it fully! The clearer I became, the faster I was able to envision, create, and manifest the life I was leading and the more I could manage the stressors that inherently accompany our experience as humans. As I aligned my life to fit the needs of my soul, I became happier, healthier and far more vibrant than ever before. It only gets better and I want to share all of the methods I’ve learned to overcome my own challenges, traumas, disappointments, and mishaps of the human condition, while learning to partner with my inner ally to create my own radiant life. I’m still a work in progress, but I can honestly say, I think I have a lot of it figured out.

My promise to you in 2020 is to offer you step-by-step tools to create your own optimal life. By helping you build your toolbox, you will also develop your 20-20 Soul Vision. In the months to come, you will get a clearer picture of how to align your own life, how to create a strong bond with your inner ally (the most important relationship you’ll ever have!), and how to live more soulfully on a day-to-day basis.

Start living a more radiant life right now by practicing the tips offered in the video. As you learn to listen to your soul, you will pave the way to your most optimal life.