Soul Realignment

NOTE:  I will be participating in a spiritual journey from June 6th to 19th and will be unavailable for sessions. You are welcome to purchase and pre-schedule a session after mid-June.

Soul Realignment is an advanced method of healing that takes information from the Akashic Records to a whole new level! This system provides an in-depth view of how your soul influences your experience of the human condition and is designed to help you understand and release deep emotional pain, fear, and negative energy that are stored in your “pain body”. The pain body is the accumulation of unresolved emotional discomfort that gets “stuck” in your energy field, causing blockages to healing, ongoing disappointment and dissatisfaction in life, and an inability to reach your highest potential.

While working with my Soul Health Model helps you to better align, heal, and balance your life from your challenges within the human condition, Soul Realignment can assist you in healing the deep “soul wounds” that have been created both in your current lifetime and in past ones as well. Much as a car accumulates dents and dings over time, we also collect similar wounds to our soul throughout each lifetime. When left unresolved, these wounds begin to add up, weigh us down, drain our energy, and make healing and moving forward in life nearly impossible. This can make us wonder why everything feels like an effort, as well as result in feeling both hopeless and helpless in achieving our goals.


What does a Soul Realignment Session include?

  • A general Akashic Record Reading,
  • Acknowledgement of Divine Gifts,
  • A personalized explanation of how and why your soul originated,
  • Identification of blockages to truth and self-fulfillment,
    • Unhealthy characteristics or traits developed through many lifetimes
    • Negative thought forms you have carried
    • Chakra or energy center damage
    • Explanation for why you may feel chronically exhausted and drained
    • List of unhealthy “sacred contracts” you formed with others
    • Karmic debts you may carry with other souls
    • A complete assessment of your “soul wounds,”

Dr. Kelly is a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner. This specialization allows her to take healing to a deeper, and more complete level by reading the energetic imprint of your soul which resulted from all of your experiences in this lifetime and in those past. While Dr. Kelly’s Soul Health Model allows you to create the blueprint for radiant living, soul healing practices such as Soul Re-Alignment assist you in unblocking any obstacles that may prevent you from acting on plans to enact your blueprint. Soul Re-Alignment Sessions also assist you in clearing any deep soul wounds from your energetic imprint so that you can choose a healthier path and reach your highest potential.

Note:  Because I also do Past-Life Regression Therapy and Past Life Akashic Record Readings it is common to receive information related to relationships you hold now that are connected to those in past incarnations as well.


To learn more about how a Soul Realignment Session can help you, watch the following video:


Two-Hour Sessions

A Soul Realignment Session provides extensive information and requires a two-hour commitment and can be scheduled in either 1 or two hour segments. Your soul wounds will be “cleared” from the etheric level, and you will be given specific instructions about how to clear it from the human side.


Schedule an Appointment

Soul Realignment Sessions are currently scheduled as Zoom video appointments. Dr. Kelly’s office is located on the east coast of the United States (Eastern Standard Time). If you live in another time zone or country, please specify this when you make an appointment to assure proper scheduling. Also, please specify if you would like to add specialized Akashic Record Readings.  (See Akashic Record Readings Page.)

(Gift Certificates are also available if you would like to share a Soul Realignment Session

experience with a loved one.)

If you have questions about scheduling a session, you may call 336-659-3923 or send an email to Dr. Kelly at kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com. ***PLEASE check your SPAM folder if you do not receive a response in your inbox.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kelly, please take the following steps:

  1. Make payment for your desired session. Proof of payment will be automatically delivered to Dr. Kelly. (**Please note: Once purchased, refunds are not provided for cancelled or “no-showed” appointments.)
  2. Either call 336-659-3923, Ext. 1# to leave a message for Dr. Kelly or send an email message to kkelly@drkatherinetkelly.com noting that you have purchased a session. Please provide full name at birth, current name, and date of birth, along with your phone number so Dr. Kelly can contact you to regarding the questions you would like to have answered during your reading. (*** Please note, if you live outside of the United States, Dr. Kelly will respond via email.)
  3. IMPORTANT!  Please check the SPAM file in your email system to make sure a response is not waiting there instead of your INBOX.
  4. Dr. Kelly generally answers calls/email messages within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not receive an email response, please check your SPAM file again as some email messages are delayed due to security programs you may have installed on your computer.
  5. Appointments are usually available within 2-4 weeks of payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased, all fees are non-refundable. Also, if you miss you miss an appointment without a 24-hour cancelation notice, the appointment will not be rescheduled.




“My life has changed exponentially since I had my Soul Realignment session with Dr. Kelly. Before I had my session I knew something was missing– there was a missing piece of the puzzle and I couldn’t seem to get to the next level of my journey. After my session with Dr. Kelly, things began to connect, breakthroughs began to happen, opportunities opened up. Most importantly, I experienced a sense of peace and joy knowing that I was now on the next level of my journey to all of the positive outcomes the Universe has to offer me. My life has changed for the better and I feel so blessed as a result of having a session with Dr. Kelly “.  

                                                          ~~  Lynnis Woods-Mullins CHHC, CLC,CPI

                                                                Featured Holistic Living and Wellness Expert,

Publisher & Editor, Internet Radio and TV Host


“I was delighted with the process and information I learned from my Soul Realignment/Akashic Record reading with Dr. Kelly. The experience shed light on my purpose and the many stops along my Soul’s journey.The reading affirmed much of what my soul finds contradictory in the human experience and I realized that it is time for a more honest assessment of many things in my life– some that I have ignored. Dr. Kelly’s style is comfortable and relaxing. I brought home much information to digest and I highly recommend, if you are intrigued in any way with expanding your soul’s awareness, that you schedule a reading with Dr. Kelly.”

                                                           ~~ Dwight Morris

Doctor of Ministry


“My Soul Realignment session with Dr. Kelly was one of the most valuable tools on my road to a reflective and peaceful life. Most of my life, I had been wondering why certain things kept happening over and over again. Dr. Kelly was able to determine why and also provide guidance in aligning my responses, rather than running up against those challenges over and over again in frustration or confusion. In addition, she recorded the session so that, along with her book and my extensive notes from the session, I am able to periodically review the recording if I feel off track. With the information about my soul’s history and lessons to be learned in this life, I started to look at difficult situations and people differently. Almost daily, I find myself recalling details of the session and continue to benefit from the support and guidance the session provided. Thanks to my experience, I can now tie my experience right in the moment to a life lesson or past experience and thoughtfully craft a new and healthier response or action.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~~ Christina P

Business Professional


“I have had many intuitive readings; however, my Soul Realignment Session with Dr. Kelly was very unique and more structured than other readings I have experienced. Her presentation was very relaxing and comfortable.She introduced me to my soul purpose and soul energy centers, as well as the contracts I came into this lifetime to work on. I experienced emotional gratification in the confirmation that I fulfilled my contracts. Dr. Kelly cleared my conduit to Spirit, which strengthened my connection to Source, a truly beautiful experience.”

                                                                                                                                                                                           ~~ Doug Smedberg


“I recently had a Soul Realignment/Akashic Record reading with Dr. Kelly and am delighted to share my experience with others who may be considering one of her many services. I found her to be warm and easy to talk to, like conversing with a dear friend. She spent a great deal of time preparing for the session, which immediately became evident in the breadth and depth of the information she provided. So many of my soul level questions were answered, bringing me clarity and a deep sense of peace. She closed the session with a very surprising message from my guide, which no one could possibly have known! Thank you, Dr. Kelly, for a wonderful and deeply meaningful session!”

~~Victoria Tyminski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

HR Professional

Reiki, BQH & QHHT Practitioner



“I loved my Soul Realignment session and wish I had done it sooner! Dr. Kelly hit on life struggles, doubts and insecurities I have been working through without any explanation from me. She validated personality characteristics, explained the origin of some of my unique habits and helped me feel settled and confident in what I have to offer. After the soul healing part of the session I feel lighter, more trusting in myself and my connection to source. I am more patient for my future…having confidence that I am on the right path.”

                                                                                    ~~ JT, Clinical Social Worker



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