Wisdom comes with the ability to be still.
~ Eckhart Tolle

Silence speaks. Is your soul listening?

Quieting the mind allows us to listen to our soul, but there are those who choose not to listen. Instead, they avoid the quiet, busying themselves to stifle the silence so they don’t hear something unpleasant. Most are afraid their soul will speak the truth. And it will. But the truth is what we must embrace in order to truly align our lives.

In many ways, this time in our lives can be considered the “great journey to stillness”. The ongoing pandemic has invited us to go within—to cocoon—to slow down so we can listen to the voice deep within. Many want to rush back to life, ignoring the plea from their soul to listen. But why rush back to life when, for so many, it wasn’t working anyway?


Beneath the “normalcy” of life was a world of souls who weren’t happy with the state of their lives in the first place. So why rush back? Instead, why not take a long look at what could—and needs to—change in order to better align our lives? Author Eckhart Tolle said, “True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.” So why do we busy our brains with endless thoughts that take us further away from the contentment we truly desire when stillness guarantees us the peace we seek?

This time to go within is perhaps the greatest opportunity we will ever be given to creating the lives we want. If we go back to “normal”, we will pass up the opportunity to grow in a way that will bring true joy and contentment to our soul. We will miss a chance to evolve.

Both as a holistic psychologist and soul strategist, I’ve heard many say that stay-at-home orders have forced them to embrace their time alone, do some major healing, and assess their lives to better align them to suit their truth—the voice of their soul. Seemingly, this pandemic is creating an evolutionary surge. Many recent events regarding racism and political corruption have added to this reflective time. Truly, this is a time to find the silence, instead of turn away from it. 

But many believe they will suffer more if they allow themselves to enter the stillness. Most who avoid journal-writing do so because they can’t bear to hear and see their own words. What they don’t know is that silence is the only place that healing really occurs. A soul cannot break free of the wounds that bind them unless they stop to look, listen, and release the past. We also cannot move forward until we take the time to see where we are going. Tolle also said, “Suffering is necessary until you realize it is unnecessary.” It is our manner of handling the human condition that creates discomfort but listening to voice within helps us to move beyond it.
Like many, I’ve made an effort to embrace this time of quiet, refocusing on not just my life purpose, but my soul purpose as well. I’m evaluating everything about my work, my life, and my beliefs as a whole. Although I’ve journaled, relaxed, and read more than in previous months, the Universe apparently wanted to quiet me even more. While working in my yard this past weekend, I twisted my knee which resulted in a meniscus tear—something that can take several months to heal. I’ve always been a very active person, but it appears that I am being invited to slow down even more—to quiet myself so I can more deeply align my soul for its true purpose. I’ve decided to embrace this time rather than resist it, and ready myself for things to come.

Are you resisting the quiet? Busying yourself so you do not “hear”? Will you welcome the silence rather than avoid it?

There’s much to learn from stillness — we not only quiet our mind but open up our soul. When we allow the silence to enter, we become more connected with the voice within and we stay present with our inner ally rather than run from it. As Tolle says, “it is in that peace that you step out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning”. Only then can you welcome your soul’s evolution.

The human condition or the soul…. What will you choose?


When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.
~ Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks