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A Retreat to Master the Art
of Soul-Based Living

Welcome! This day one-day online retreat is designed to awaken your soul as Dr. Katherine Kelly guides you through a soul-filled reconnection with your most vital ally.

This retreat is for you if…
– You desire more clarity about your soul path
– You long to identify your soul purpose
– You want to make decisions with more grace and confidence

Many feel overwhelmed and immersed in the human condition and struggle to “hear” their inner wisdom. Alignment with your soul means accessing its wisdom, receiving the sacred guidance it provides, and trusting Spirit to guide you on your evolutionary path.

Dr. Kelly has developed numerous soul-deepening tools to help you reach deeply within, and she will share many of them in this life-changing experience.

Your soul-awakening retreat combines guided visualization/meditation, soul journeying, “grounding” strategies, music, essential oils, and healing gemstones to introduce and re-connect you with your soul.

What to expect during the retreat…

  • Awaken the essence of your soul
  • Meet your inner ally
  • Access your sacred wisdom
  • Learn to listen to and trust the voice within
  • Activate your internal compass to guide you on your way
  • Gain “soul centering” strategies to aid in focus and intentional living…

Once registered, you will receive your “Awaken My Soul Tool Kit” which includes Soul Health Essentials oil blends, healing gemstones, and other sacred items to assist in deepening your experience of soul-based living.


Regular Retreat Fee: $145

Early Bird Special: $135 + Gift valued at $25
The early bird special is only valid through 9/19/21.

All supplies & postage included.
Your “Awaken My Soul Tool Kit” should arrive one week prior to the retreat.
The retreat will be held on Zoom Video Conference and you will receive login instructions by email prior to the retreat.

(** Please note that we will take a 30 min break for lunch midway through the day.)

Mark the dates and tell your friends and family!




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