The Seasons of the Soul

Every season is one of becoming, but not always one of blooming.
Be gracious with your ever-evolving self.
~B. Oakman

We live in chapters—there is a beginning, middle and end. Then we start another one. Eventually we have accumulated enough chapters to tell a story, one that when read together weaves the layers of our life to make a cohesive whole—a more comprehensive unfolding of who we are and what our lives are about. After every ending we begin again by starting where we left off- to continue our infinite evolution. 

In my book Soul Health, I suggest that our souls are much like a garden—something we must constantly tend to. Conscious evolution asks us to intentionally observe and monitor how we are, who we are and what we do as we cycle through life. In doing so, we can more easily navigate the challenges of the human condition.

The evolution process is as simple as cleaning out what has died away in our lives or doesn’t feed us any longer, then filling up, or replacing them with what nourishes or fertilizes our optimal health. This process takes time—likely more than we wish. And it never happens in a straight line—we take many detours from our soul’s true path. Just as we experience many different cycles in life, the seasons of our soul present many opportunities to refine our lives to our radiant living. 

As I mention in the book, the seasons of the soul are much like those in tending a garden. There are times for metaphorically preparing the ground, planting seeds, waiting for germination, nourishing and weeding the plot (maintenance), harvesting flowers or fruits, and settling the garden for winter (rest). These all compare to phases we cycle through many times during our lives. Becoming conscious of these cycles allows us to embrace them more fully and act on behalf of our soul. 

As many of you know, I just recently experienced a major phasing out of the old me and you are witnessing my progression into what comes next. I want to share a bit more about this to help you on your own journey. By embracing the discomfort of the last few years, I’m refined and redefined much, as well as have found a lot of clarity emerging as I allow the next pages of my chapters be revealed. Just in the last couple days I realized that everything that I am finalizing now (new website, plans for trainings and workshops, etc.) are the building blocks for the rest of my life. The “mortar” is starting to solidify and I get more clarity about who I am—and am not—so I can offer a deepened quality services and guidance to others. I’m now well aware that the magic is in the unknown and understand that things may not go as I plan, I’m also in complete faith that everything will go exactly as it is supposed to.

As a refresher—below are the phases of evolution. 

Preparation Phase—This is often a time of incubating ideas and energy rather than actually changing routines or patterns. Because growth and change always feels better than being stuck, this stage often creates an anxious anticipation of something that may be just around the corner, yet still out of sight. This is also a time when people assess aspects of their life that need change—such as the branches of the Soul Health Model. This stage may include weeding out things that no longer fit in their lives, redesigning your ideal tree of life, and identifying what needs to be planted or shifted for the landscape of the soul to finally take shape.

Planting Phase—This stage marks the beginning of actual, outwards changes. People don’t tend to change unless they are tired enough of themselves their situations. So, the planting phase marks the end of feeling “stuck” and the beginning of new growth. Although the changes may still feel preliminary, they are of utmost importance to the development and deepening of discernment. Setting goals, taking positive steps toward growth, and intentionally implementing change in one’s life are all part of the planting phase.

Germination Phase—Seedlings take time to sprout. Our growth toward soul health can feel slow at first, but through conscious exploration and action we can make the changes necessary for a stronger, more radiant life. Patience, perseverance, and commitment are necessary at this key point in your evolutionary process, especially because it is when many people revert to old ways, finding it too hard or too time consuming to generate new habits or beliefs. The job at this point is to maintain the process long enough for new growth to mature. 

Maintenance Phase— Maintaining growth can be a struggle. Because we are steeped in the human condition, our old habits sneak up and try to lure us back to our old ways. Either that or unexpected events in life will throw us off track, pulling us away from our best intentions and back into our old routines. Maintaining the soul’s garden requires us to continually monitor our growth, weed out any persistent, unhealthy thoughts or behaviors that try to creep in, and nourish ourselves through life-affirming activities. The challenge, though, is to maintain this momentum until our efforts for growth and change come to fruition. 

Harvest Phase—People know they have entered this phase when they can reap the benefits of their hard work and change. This is when they feel they are filling up or repairing a part of their soul that they previously neglected. In this phase, as their garden matures, life is richer and more fulfilled. Those who have maintained their commitment to growth begin to feel pride in the results, and this spurs more areas of growth.

Rest Phase— The soul never stops its influence on our lives, though it does need time to pull back from our efforts to reflect. Although few people know how to actually listen to their inner ally, it is constantly active, either in trying to get our attention through physical, emotional, spiritual, or other cues, or in helping us make decisions based on our gut—our soul-based instincts. However, there are times when we must reflect on our human condition long enough to take stock of our current level of growth and plan for the next one.

Where are you in your evolutionary cycle? Are you stuck, moving ahead, or resting?

My mission has solidified even more—I want to help you understand how the soul and the human condition work hand in hand to help you evolve. Without consciously understanding how this dynamic interplay works, your growth and evolution is harder than it needs to be. 

Barbara De Angelis said, “The moment in between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.”  It is through stepping back to observe and learn from your evolutionary cycle that solidifies your evolutionary path through your soul’s garden.


“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

~Mandy Hale



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