Can your soul have a superpower? The more important question—IS your soul superpowered?

As you read this article, I will already have embarked on my “birthing” trip through the Grand Canyon. You may remember that I am rafting the Colorado River, something I’ve always wanted to do. The opportunity arose to take the trip while earning continuing education credits as I learn about “Flow Theory”. A flow experience corresponds to an optimal psychophysical state in which everything is aligned and the experiencer feels like they are “in the zone”, “on the ball” or feeling “in the groove”. Interestingly, research shows that this state isn’t necessarily related to individuals who were involved in activities they preferred. Rather, it was discovered that enjoyment did NOT result from relaxing or living without stress, but during intense activities in which their attention was fully absorbed. The metaphor used in the research is that of being carried by a current like a river flows. I have no doubt that my attention will be fully absorbed by this experience.

I’ve always been up for a good challenge and this trip is certain to stretch my edges. I’ve only camped one night in my life and I’m not a particularly good swimmer, although I’ve rafted about a dozen times on smaller and less intense rivers. I am sure to be at both my best and worst on this trip, yet I’m looking forward to whatever I will learn. To me, being open to a state of conscious evolution is an essential part of finding your superpower. I will share my experiences and learnings with you when I return.

Like many, sleep is not my friend when I’m processing a lot about my life. As I’ve experienced the “birthing” process I’ve mentioned in the last couple newsletters, I’ve woken up in the wee hours way too many times to count. I often have my biggest “aha” moments around 4 o’clock in the morning. This insightful hour isn’t my preference, but as they say, the “veils are thin” around this time because we have nothing better to do than ponder life. It just so happens that we are generally less distracted and more in touch with the Spirit world at this time as well. We can often hear our soul much louder and clearer when there’s nothing else in its way.

One morning a few days ago I awoke as usual, then laid wondering what would go through my mind on that particular occasion. I reflected that every time I’ve experienced a rebirth in my life I reached a new level of understanding about myself that launched me into new opportunities and experiences. Each time, I reached a new apex. And every time I came out different and stronger than I was before.

This time around, I’m not sure of how I will emerge. Although I do have some idea of where my next steps will take me, I’m not entirely aware of what the “new and improved” me will look like. I just know it is coming. Much like the birth of a baby, we don’t know how our lives will change until the child has arrived. We don’t always know what to be excited about or even what to dread. We just know something will catalyze our evolution and change us in profound ways.

I also realized while lying there that I always feel more like “me” after one of my growth spurts. I feel more integrated, even though the gestation or “labor” pains might feel like I’m coming apart. There is more certainty, clarity and ease in everything I do after I’ve emerged from the depths of discomfort.

To achieve “flow” requires that you learn about and align with who you are at the deepest level. In the process of reaching this alignment, we must shed that which no longer fits or serves us while welcoming in anything that will elevate us on our evolutionary path. I often joke that I hope I learn something new all the way to my last breath, even if it means I’m learning how to die well. We don’t stop evolving just because we want to. As long as we are alive, we have the opportunity to learn and grow. This is free will. And both the human condition and the Universe give us plenty of opportunities from which to learn along the way.

We all want to find our superpower. Super heroes each have their unique gift that makes them who they are. However, what if our superpower is knowing ourselves completely and living in alignment? What if our soul’s true power is simply being who we are?

I’m convinced that we spend our lives trying to outgrow old patterns, behaviors and wounds. If we don’t evolve beyond these, they keep coming back—or if you believe in reincarnation, our soul will come back until it gets it right.

I’ve said many times that to know your soul is to know true health—only then can you experience radiant living. Years ago a client asked me what I thought the mission of all humans on this planet was in their lifetime. I answered rather quickly, “To find our truth and keep it.” Meaning, our soul’s path is designed to overcome whatever adversity each of us experiences in life so that we can live a fully aligned life—this is what creates a radiant and soulful existence.

This willingness to reach radiance—honoring who we are in all ways possible—IS our superpower. My soul health model was designed as a roadmap to learning about yourself at the deepest level so you can live a more radiant and fulfilled life. Ancient cultures both woke up and went to sleep honoring their souls. They were in tune, aware and committed to living a soul-based life. Current cultures are disconnected from their inner ally—and look where we are!

In what ways can you get to know yourself better? How can you better align?

No human I know can fly without a plane, scale buildings without a rope or use X-ray vision to see through walls. But the most aligned souls are exercising and honoring their superpower—they are comfortable being who they are. It is when we know our soul and live according to its needs that we embody the fullest and richest part of who we are.

What are you willing to do to evolve into your superpower?

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