We often ask ourselves the question, “Who am I?” However, the more important question is, “Who am I becoming?”

As a person who talks and writes about conscious evolution, I’m constantly aware of the process we all go through in “becoming” who we are. There are many paths through this maze of life, but the process, itself, is generally the same—we must consciously decide that we want to learn and grow in order to do so. Therefore, who we become has much to do with how openly we welcome the experiences and challenges of the human condition.

In mid-November, my friend of nearly 35 years took me on a trip to Boston to see Michelle Obama speak about her new book, “Becoming”. Regardless of your political party affiliation, it is difficult to describe this woman as anything less than intelligent, poised, compassionate, and impressive. Her candidness about her process of “becoming” throughout her life thus far offered both humor and humility. She used the term “swerve” to describe how she maneuvered the sometimes tumultuous experiences of her life, but emphasized that by practicing grace, anyone can overcome their challenges if they remain open to what they can learn.

Needless to say, I resonated with her message. We use different language, but the meaning is the same. As I say in my book, Soul Health, our soul’s evolution depends entirely on our willingness and ability to balance our lives in such a way that we create an unobstructed environment for its growth. It is the conscious choice behind our actions that keeps us on our soul’s path and allows us to live a rich and fulfilling life.

My work as a psychologist is extremely fulfilling. I am privileged enough to watch people grow every day. There is nothing more satisfying than watching them evolve—observing their “swerves” as well as their developing ability to steer—or align their lives in the right direction.

Just today, one client thanked me for this new mindset, noting that previous therapists hadn’t taught her this outlook and that this “tool” allows her to overcome pretty much any challenge.

“Becoming” is easy once you realize that it is our greatest asset. When we welcome the challenges of the human condition as opportunities to grow, the discomfort we feel in traversing it is greatly lessened. As far as we know, humans are the only species capable of “deciding” to make our lives better. When we choose to “become” something, or allow ourselves to evolve rather than resist, we open ourselves to our infinite evolution—our soul’s most natural state.

So, I will ask you the questions: “Who are you becoming?” What are you consciously working on to align your life for your most optimal and radiant experience of the human condition?

By now, you likely know that I encourage people to choose a “theme” each year that they will integrate into their lives for the next twelve months. Choosing your theme means that you are committing to your evolution in a conscious and focused manner. Unlike a time-limited goal or resolution, setting a theme allows you to work on your growth in endless ways. I often use the metaphor of an old-fashioned clothesline—the line being the theme, with several different tasks and activities that you can “hang” on it in order to learn and grow. In working on a theme, you choose to “become” each and every year, which means that you actively participate in both your human and soul evolution.

What will you “become”? Only you can decide.