Life has its own wisdom. Who tries to help a butterfly get out of its cocoon, kills it…
There are certain things that have to happen from the inside out.
~ Rubem Alves


While our ability to be out in the world is limited, our potential to evolve remains infinite. As I reflect on the past several months, I can see many changes that have occurred in my own life as well as in the lives of those I’m honored to serve. For many, it has taken a forced seclusion to go within, but regardless of what initiated the process, evolution is ours for the taking… if we want to welcome and claim it.

 The soul’s “cocoon” represents the many times in a person’s life—and lifetimes—that 

Artistic photo of woman floating in waterour inner ally must pull back to examine its path and “incubate” for what comes next. It is a time to reflect on where it has been, an opportunity to restore itself for what is to come, and the chance to re-emerge with either a new vitality or a clearer plan for the future. Although our current circumstances appear to be imposing change on us, the real transformation comes as we go within to observe and evaluate whether our lives are going in the direction that fits us best.

 This cocoon also provides the opportunity to wake up to who we really are. Our discomfort often leads us to the source of our pain—the fears, wounds, conflicts, and other factors of the human condition that misalign our lives. The discomfort of being constrained or restricted is often what we need in order to release the struggle that keeps us bound. As we do this, we learn to be still, observe, then act on our lives in a
Artistic photo of woman breathing under water new and improved way. It is in this stillness that our soul speaks. And it is in listening to the words from our soul that our evolution is guaranteed.

Who would you be if you let your soul lead? What would be different if you lived in a way that fits you instead of in a way that made you feel you were trying to fit into the world? If you were “reborn” tomorrow, who would the real you be? This is an extraordinarily evolutionary time, despite what it may look like from the outside in. However, as the Brazilian philosopher, Rubem Alves, said, “Certain things have to happen from the inside out”, leaving visible signs of evolution less obvious to those who aren’t looking.

To go within, to truly evolve, we must allow ourselves to become nestled in our soul’s cocoon. Without this time to grow, we might all miss the opportunity to experience our soul’s right— the path to conscious evolution.

Artistic photo of woman dancing under waterAs a person who is committed to personal growth, I’ve experienced my soul’s cocoon so many times that I now know when it is coming. I have the urge to pull back and tuck myself in, leaving very little space for much else to enter. The difference this time is that I’m letting it happen. I’m allowing my soul to tug at me, to pull me in with just enough space to move into the next new “me”. I never know the outcome prior to entering the chrysalis, but the willingness to go into that sacred space ensures my evolution.

A friend recently told me that she feels like she’s being squeezed through a pin-sized hole. There is much going on in her life and the transformation feels bigger than she can handle. But we must remember that discomfort ALWAYS accompanies evolution. We have to outgrow something in order to grow into something new. We must leave something behind in order to make room for new growth. And we must allow the fear we experience to lead us to the light because this fear always precedes our transformation.

Artistic photo of woman calmly surrendering in waterWe resist change because it is uncomfortable. But without the discomfort, we wouldn’t know we are alive. We would become complacent with the gift of growth and dismiss the ability to choose our evolutionary path. To avoid change would mean we rejected the human condition altogether.

What will you do with your soul’s cocoon? Will you embrace the opportunity to go within, or will you decide it’s not worth your time or energy? This time to step back is likely the best chance we’ll have to truly align our lives to fit the needs of our soul.

While some resist, others persist. Who do you think will grow the most?




Butterfly Metamorphosis from Chrysalis to Fully Winged Beauty
Some of us carry our suffering in the form of a heavy cross,

while others convert theirs into wings.
~ Stacie Martin