If there’s anything that makes me uneasy, it’s a blank travel schedule.  Seriously!  I start to feel anxious, sometimes a little depressed, and get an uncomfortable sense that something is missing.  I call it “twitchy”—a feeling that isn’t calmed until I actually have at least one trip on the books.  I’m always pondering where to go next, whether hitting the road, flying the friendly skies, hiking in a national park, or floating on a giant hotel somewhere in the Caribbean.  It’s in my blood.  And I have no intention of trying to ditch the habit.  I simply need my fix.

I experienced my first taste of transformational travel quite by accident.  My best friend and I went to the Grand Canyon the summer after my dad died, which was also the year after her sister had passed away from a long struggle with Leukemia.  We both held hectic college and work schedules and decided to take a break to head to the Four Corners region and head down to the giant hole in the ground.  Needless to say, we had an amazing trip!  The drive gave us time to laugh, talk, and air out our souls, while taking in the interesting topography along the way.


I will never forget the sound of her gasp as my friend saw the Grand Canyon from the passenger side window for the first time.  It was my turn to drive, and I’m glad it was—because hearing the absolute awe in her voice was just as memorable as seeing the canyon for myself.  We treated ourselves by taking a helicopter ride through the canyon, getting a close-up view of the steep walls, the Colorado River below, and the seemingly teeny lodges perched on the rim.  What was most notable about the trip, though, was how rested and restored we both felt as we drove back home.  Both of our souls had been filled—and fed—in a way that nothing else had done following the loss of our loved ones.  We had both been transformed by a three day visit to one of the wonders of the world.  With 6 visits to date, the Grand Canyon remains both my favorite national park in the United States, and also my most cherished place to clean out the human condition and restore my soul.

A transformational travel junkie was born!

DSCF5455What transpired next was a variety of adventures both in and outside of the U.S.  From Niagara Falls to the Everglades, Alaska to Florida, and everywhere I could stop in between, I went to every place that I could find an excuse to visit.  I traveled to Europe, both Central- and South America, and various islands in the Caribbean.  I set a goal to reach all of the natural national parks (27 of the 56 so far…), visit all the major cities, and take as many road trips to unique places as time and money would allow.  I’ve driven Highway 1 up the coast of California, the Overseas Highway down through the Florida Keys, all of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and many other scenic roads and major highways throughout the country.  Years ago I decided that every adventure I had would include an element of reflection and spiritual enrichment, which isn’t that difficult given all of the magnificent features that this world has to offer.  I always take my journal and as a result of some dedicated time away in majestic surroundings, I always return home with a new perspective and heightened mood.

The fun of my work now is that I can take it on the road!  As of next month, I will be working with Cross Country Education to do nationwide continuing education workshops throughout the country.  No better way to see more of the country than to make it part of my passion of work as well!  Not only will I be able to teach others within mine and related fields, but I will be able to nourish my travel bug at the same time.  Not a bad gig.

Most exciting is that I am now creating transformational travel excursions for others as well.  Yes!  I have found yet another way to make my work another form of play!  As the author of Soul Health, I am well aware of the need to “align” one’s life with what feeds their soul in order to create optimal living.  And because travel has fed my soul so well, I am well-nourished and able to provide transformational travel for others.

AZ UT Trip Galaxy 360

There are many research studies which show positive health benefits of travel.  Those who take time away are shown to have both better mental and physical health than those who choose to “bank” their vacation time.  This statistic is a bit scary since only 38% of Americans use all of their allotted hours away from the office.  Studies also show that when we experience awe and wonder, we also feel more connected within, to the world, and to all others.  So, if travel can be such an uplifting experience, why not pair it with a transformational adventure designed specifically to help you learn, heal, and evolve?

Life, itself, is an adventure.  But when we consciously choose our travel destinations and journeys to enhance our growth, we open ourselves to a level of evolution that nothing else can stimulate.  I know for myself that it is difficult to reach this awareness in the day-to-day grind.  So, it gives me great pleasure to create transformational travel experiences for others.

Soul Health Travel is simply an extension of my passion to help people evolve beyond their previous ways and align their lives for optimal living.  When we feed our souls through travel, we provide the essential “nutrients” for not only optimal alignment of our human lives, but also for our soul’s evolution.  What could be better than visiting a magnificent sight while also growing our soul?